When it rains, it pours. Eik dastaan-e-gham.

“Eik dastaan-e-gham” mean “a tale of woe.”

This has not been a good year for my family.

Last December, my father’s only sister died. She lived a long life with painful arthritis, disforming osteoporosis I believe, among other problems. She was very brave and strong. She suddenly contracted an illness, and passed away within a few days. She was one of the nicest, kindest, and most loving relatives I knew. Despite her suffering, pain, and problems, she was always present at all family functions. Her husband passed away many years ago, and her sons were less than helpful. Finally her older son shaped up and began to care for her while getting a job, earning money, getting married, and starting a family. Her passing shocked and surprised all of us. It was so sad to loose such a loving relative amongst others who were less kind or sincere.

About a month or two ago, one my father’s step-brothers, the eldest of them all, suddenly passed away. Despite his age (he was in his seventies or eighties), he was very active and healthy. He still worked and did all his chores by himself. He needed no help. His sudden passing, although not too surprising considering his age, was still a major shock as no one anticipated or expected it.

Two weeks ago, my marriage terminated with a divorce. That and its accompanying drama, frustrations, and disappointments (especially regarding the reaction of certain relatives) had us all stressed and bothered. But we learned to cope with it.

And early yesterday morning, a cousin - the son of my aunt who passed away in December, he who shaped up and began moving forward - suddenly died from a viral hemorrhagic fever.

It has been a long, long time since we have had a reason to celebrate, rejoice, or be festive.


I’m sorry for what you’re going through right now. :frowning:

It will get better. Right now things aren’t so good, but hang in there and it will improve. I promise. :slight_smile:

Oh, WeRSauron, please know you have my full sympathy. Sometimes life slams into us, then backs over our broken body. If there’s anything to be done for your cousin’s poor widow and children, please let me know.