When old people attack: What would you do?

Scenario: You’re a young whippersnapper, and just pulled into a parking spot ahead of another driver, who strongly felt that he was entitled to it. You ‘smirk’, and walk away.

Upon returning to your vehicle, you find that all 4 doors now have large dents in them. Your detective skills reveal that the ‘denter’ is the person whom you ‘smirked’ at. He’s in his 70’s, 6’ 2", and about 300 pounds, and has NRA stickers all over his vehicle. You lack objective proof to take to the police, but you know beyond reasonable doubt he is the culprit, because he bragged of the deed and was overheard by sources you trust.

What would you think?

What would you do?

What would you do if you discovered that a family member was behaving this way? Denting cars, that is.



Smirking is mean. Denting is both mean and criminal.

Not that you can do much without the proof, but the police sometimes follow up on less than that.

It is possible, in some places, to have the powers-that-be remove the denter’s driver’s licence. Will this cause severe problems within the family, however, if you do such a thing? Methinks Denter might rule his family with an iron fist. Or try to.

Well, they would be old enough that a 1920’s style “Death Ray” would be appropiate.

Either that, or Napalm. Lots of Napalm.

I would think someone had “anger management issues.”

This depends–if the person was waiting around after I walked back to my car and found it like that, I would probably throw what is known in local parlance as a “shit fit.” Being a 5’4" 100 lb female, this would merely be amusing, not threatening. I would ask him what on earth was wrong with him, then I would get on the phone to my Dad (a retired local police officer, to ask him what I should do), my insurance agent (to ask him what I could do), and my husband (just to complain really). I would then follow their advice to the best of my ability. If I had someone who would be willing to make a statement that so and so admitted they had done this to my car, I would submit that information to the officer who took my initial report and my insurance company. It is vandalism, after all, and with the high cost of auto body repair, perhaps even something more serious–“felony vandalism” if the repair costs are over a certain figure.


I would probably take all their car keys if possible, and schedule a doctor’s visit to make sure that it wasn’t something physically wrong that caused such horribly anti-social and inappropriate behavior. If there was any way to make the family member who was behaving like a ruthless hooligan a third their age make restitution to the aggrieved party then I would do that. Above all, a big f*cking deal would be made to attempt to insure that this wouldn’t happen again, because you never know what might happen when two assholes get together over in a fight over cars/parking lot seniority, no matter the physical age of the combatants.
Just my $.02.
Now dish: is this your relative who went on a vehicle whacking spree?

I would take it as a valuable lesson.

I decided I don’t want to die in a car, so I now operate under the assumption that everybody driving a car is foolish vindictive, rage prone, and a bad driver. Even the mousiest person is a potential killer when behind the wheel of a ton of metal.

Cars tend to make people very stupid, and do stupid things with regard to their pride and their automobile.

So, I’m a total pussy in regards to other drivers.

It’s not worth getting killed for a parking space, or because you flipped somebody the bird while cutting them off.

Be polite. Be gracious. Be self-deprecating. With a car, everybody is heavily armed.

It’s a relative of Mrs. Mercotan. She was appalled by the story. Told to her by said relative, in his explanation as to why he preferred to buy cars with metal doors as opposed to plastic ones: “because they’re easier to repair of someone does that to you”. I guess if you dish it out, you expect to get it back.

I have no idea if said incident took place last week or 4 years ago. And there’s no history of acting out like that, but such action comes as no great surprise given the opinions held and expressed loudly by said relative.

Frankly, I stand in agreement with Astro.

Otherwise, when things get too unmanageable for that side of the family and they ask me for a good neuropsychiatrist and therapist, I’ll give them a few names. Otherwise, I’m not trying to take any keys. He’s heavily armed, and he knows how to use said weaponry. Besides, we might be in his will. :smiley:

Uhhh…Qaddy…buddy. You been self-prescribing again? Astro hasn’t posted to this thread…
Or are my eyes that bad?

Make that Scylla. For some reason I get them mixed up a lot.

Hmmm, I tend NOT to do the “I must get a parking spot up front” thing…,

I do the “I’m going to park in the spaces toward the end of the lot, and then beat the lazy bums to the door ANYWAY by walking energetically and quickly and passing them on foot, and THEN smirking when I get to the deli line ahead of them” thing.

I figure if you stole the guys spot, you probably deserve what happened to you.

And if you don’t think you did, you probably shouldn’t smirk.

I figure it was justice.

I agree with Scylla because there are people who agree with Odinoneeye. :rolleyes:

I can’t believe grown-up people get their panties in a wad over parking spaces!! Of all the bad things in life, “losing” a parking space has to be so far down on the list as to be invisible.

The world is full of idiots.

I agree with Scylla.

People who seem relatively “normal” (whatever that is) can become very Type A once they enter their vehicle. I’ve even found myself getting caught up in the anxiety-filled “so near and yet so far” parking space scenario.
But I remind myself that it’s not worth it.

I think that, whoever did it, needs to get his arse kicked.

Call the police and file a report. Tell them the incident, and describe the suspect and his cart - if you remember his license plate, so much the better.

Disown that person. Something like that.

If the spot was stolen:

It is a violation of social norms. We lock people up and even kill people for certain violations. Of course taking the law into your own hands may be illegal but not looked at as badly as the initial violation. Somebody that is such an ass in the parking lot probably needs discipline.

Personally I would have just made a remark that would have the offending owner thinking about how bad their car is going to look when they return to their stolen parking space - and done nothing- maybe try to embarrass the person in the store.
If the person did not steal the spot:

The “old person” is just a common punk/vandel.
The old person:

The age of the person does not make any difference unless the person is so old that some type of age related problem is to blame. Then you need to examine other options for the safety of the old man and those around them.

Perhaps a talk about how an old man could be an easy target by a thug for engaging in such vigilante like behavior regardless of who is right or wrong.

Good Luck with this one.

I always liked the Fried Green Tomatoes approach.

70 year old 300 pounders really need a handicapped parking sticker, thus assuring their easily pissed off selves ever ready access.

I agree with FairyChatMom. Life’s too short. :wally

I agree with FairyChatMom. Life’s too short. :wally

So true, I had to say it twice!