When Pope John Paul II becomes a Saint, what will he be called?

Will he be Saint Wojtyła the Great?


Saint Karol of Wadowice?


Something with the John Paul in it?


What makes you assume he’ll become a saint?

He’s well on the way. The Vatican announced yesterday they were closing the investigation on his life, which means he’s on the fast track

It would probably be similar to St. Pius X: St. John Paul II

He already has a Cause at the Vatican. (“Cause” is the technical term for “officially recognized advocacy group for beatification and/or canonization.”)

To answer the question, one need look no further than a list of the Popes – many of them are already canonized. And a canonized former Pope is known by his Papal title with “Pope” replaced by “Saint,” as for example St. Pius X, née Giuseppe Sarto, Pope from 1903 to 1914 who advocated frequent Communion (as opposed to non-communicating attendance at Mass) and was canonized in 1954. A small town parochial high school in my area dedicated at that time was named in his honor, as St. Pius X High School.

So presumably he will not be St. Karol Wojtyla but St. John Paul II if canonized.

I’d say just St. John Paul. No need for numbers in my book since JP 1 was not a saint.

Perhaps this warrants a thread of its own, but what would be a scientific explanation for the case of Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, cured of Parkinson’s after praying to JP2?

Sorry, they have been fast tracking him to Sainthood or Beautification.
Here are a lot of news articles on it.

Thanks **RealityChuck ** & PolyCarp. This makes sense and looks like the correct answer. I am not up on Saints and I was curious after hearing he took the next step.


The first phase of his beatification proceedings has just finished. The reports I’ve read are in Spanish, I imagine there will be similar ones in English-language newspapers.

Benedict XVI already gave a waiver to start the proceedings only two months after John Paul II’s death, without waiting the usual five years. According to the reports I’ve read, there are rumors that he will jump over the Beatus stage, directly to Saint.

Here, CNN (I haven’t read that one)

On preview: JPI is a Beatus, so both could end up being declared Saints.

Also, please remember that the Church doesn’t “make” anybody a Saint; like marriage, sainthood is made by God and the Church recognizes it.


Didn’t know about the fast-tracking (obviously), and was thinking he’d get the standard five-year treatment.

St. George Ringo

Ah, but then it’s going to be confusing as hell if, after Pope John Paul II is made a saint, a bunch of miracles get attributed to Pope John Paul I and he gets named a Saint as well. Then Pope John Paul I would be Saint John Paul II and Pope John Paul II would be Saint John Paul I.

And you thought keeping track of who’s who in the Trinity was complicated.

And even if he weren’t, we might someday have another Pope John Paul who could be canonized. It’d look pretty silly to have the recent one called just “Saint John Paul”, and the next one “Saint John Paul III”.

Further on what Nava said about God making saints, strictly speaking, a saint is any person who’s in Heaven. So when a person refers to “My sainted grandmother”, that person is saying that Gramma is in Heaven. What the Church does is canonize saints, which literally just means writing their name on a list. But there’s the general presumption and hope that there are a lot more people in Heaven who aren’t on the lists.

As long as it came up, can anyone tell me why JP I is a candidate for Beautification? It surely was not for his time as Pope.


Well, after being in the grave for lo these 29 years, he probably needs a little bit of beautifying.

Tom, did I screw up the term or was that just a weak joke?

As for why he was put forth for beatification: he was known as a pius man with a great deal of humility, inspiring his friends and those over whom he administered while bishop and archbishop to request that he be canonized. He was never put on the fast track, but a (some?) reported miracle(s) in the late 1990s got his name into the process in, I think, 2002 or 2003.

To name someone as blessed is to beatify, no u.

ETA: (And the joke was clearly weak.)

Thanks for the info and the correction. I have misspelled that my entire life, not to mention post 6.

BTW: Gaudere’s Law? Pius = pious :wink:


You’re right. JP1 could be made a saint. One never knows, JP1 might well be known for being something other than the William Henry Harrison of popes.

LOL – The minions of Gaudere strike again. No Pope has been Pius since 1958, though one hopes they were in fact pious.

For the record, the “numbering system” implied by Malodorous’s post has never been used. My statement that the regnal name as Pope, with “Saint” replacing “Pope,” is used, was intended to be taken literally. Popes Pius VI, VII, VIII, and IX have not, so far as I can tell, been canonized – but St. Pius X is St. Pius X because he was Pope Pius X.

Recognition as a saint in other communions, by the way, follows the same basic procedure, but without the intricate examination and official pronouncement of the Vatican: local people who knew the sanctabile profess devotion to him/her and informally recognize his/her sanctity; this is then confirmed by the Bishop or the official synod having jurisdiction, in very nearly the Catholic process.

No, no no. He was a pius man–a man like Pope Pius X.

You’ll accept that, right?