When searching for a job

Is there a style or styles of wording for a job listing that puts you right off from applying or considering that particular job or company?

I’m giving serious thought to changing jobs. Enough that I’m looking at job listings.

Some listings are worded such that they just make me say no thank you.

For example;

Are you goal driven, self movitvated and detail oriented? Do you like working in a fast paced, customer facing enviroment? [Company] is one of the leading organizations in [field of work] and is hiring for [position]. Pay is competitive and benefits are available for the successful candidate.
The successful candidate will have the following;
[List of certifications, licenses, skills, and experience]
The duties of this position are;
[List of duties that reads like a copy/paste from a Dept. Of Labor job description]
Pay starts at [some amount, usually low] DOE

I would be uncomfortable with a job described as “self motivated,” because it sounds like commissions for sales. I don’t want a job where I have to invent my own processes (“fake it”) every day. I want a nice secure check-list I can follow and know I’m on secure ground.

“Detail oriented” doesn’t faze me. I’m good at procedural trivia. (“Contracts on the 60% model only apply in California and Ohio, except if they’re part of the Extended Network, and only if they are not in Schedule 20.”) I can do that all day long!

Other people love to fake it, and adore jobs where they can innovate, create their own processes, and fly by the seat of their pants. So it depends a lot on what kind of guy you are.

At my last company the job listings posted on our outsider visible job board were totally useless for understanding what the job was. They were HR boilerplate. I could determine the subtle differences between posts but no outsider ever could.
Maybe you could research the company to try to figure out where this job is, and even better, find someone who could direct you to the hiring manager.Even if everything has to go through HR, they might give you hints about the right magic words to put in your resume and cover letter - assuming that the job sounds good. Be prepared with intelligent questions.
You could call HR, but I’d bet that they won’t be able to tell you anything useful.
All the more important since the job could be a fake or it could be long expired.

The minute I saw the thread title I said “Second Person ads!”

You’re an energetic, motivated up-and-comer, passionate about Quality and committed to The Process.

I, of course, am replying (out loud) “How can you call me energetic when I’m still in my jammies?” “I’m passionate about Quality… and naked goats.” “Yeah, I’m committed to The Process, if you got donuts in the break room…”

Even more annoying than the OP’s “Are you goal driven, self movitvated and detail oriented?”