When someoen quotes you, it doesn't show up in a search for yourself?

OK, yes, I admit it, I do vanity searches. But the primary reason I did it is not useless. I would search for my name to see if someone directly replies to one of my posts, because the pasrt that said "originally posted by bouv’ would show up in a search. But lately, when I do this, I don’t get results thast are quoting me. I assuem it has something to do with a new version of vBulletin, or a patch, and can’t be changed back to the old way?

Just giving my one allowed bump.

There are two styles of quoting out there.

The automated vB 3.0 way:

{quote=bouv}Just giving my one allowed bump.{/quote}

The old-style quote
{quote}Originally posted by bouv
Just giving my one allowed bump.{/quote}

If you quote the latter way, it will show up in a vanity search. That’s how quotes worked in vB 2.0 and earlier.