When someone you vehemently disagree with on every issue..

posts something really funny and witty, what do you do? How does it make you feel? Do you roll your eyes? Do you laugh and think “I can’t believe I just laughed at _____.”

How about someone who insulted you in the past? What if the insult was undeserved? Deserved?

Enquiring minds want to know!

I laugh, and, where appropriate, riff off it. And I try to look on insults around here, in the Pit at least, as “playing the dozens” for fun, rather than attempts to be nasty.

Fortunately, most of the Dopers I dislike aren’t particularly funny, or I got tired of their schtick a while ago and don’t read them.


Do you mean, like, on this message board? I usually laugh. I keep a lot of people on ignore, so if I really don’t like someone I probably won’t even see the joke. But if I do, I laugh. In fact, I think some of the funnier people on the board are people I think are assholes. As for insults, I know it’s happened, but I never remember anyone’s name so I wouldn’t even know it was them.

Listen to him!

This is probably the poster who runs into this problem more than any other. :wink:

Yes, although feel free to post any other stories you like.

I only mention because someone who did insult me (Called me a liar) and also whom I really can’t stand just posted something really funny. I snickered, and thought about posting something, but decided against it.

Some of my favorite posters have been guys who have insulted the shit out of me. I look at every thread as a new start. I do see some trend in certain posters to add meanings and motives to posts where the meaninings and motives have allready been expressed. Some of these posters I also enjoy very much but find myself being a little more cautious before I post.

I think, “Will wonders never cease”.

There are a couple of posters who I invariably disagree with but who also manage to get a good oneliner in every once in a while. If I do anything, I mentally give them a grace for it.

Some of the real dipshits can be fairly amusing. If they are vexing me on a thread of mine, or attacking one of my posts, I ignore them. If they are amusing in another context, I will usually make a complimentary post. The joke’s the thing!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’d never in a million years compliment a person I think is a dickhead on this message board, but I’d let myself chuckle every so often when they actually do say something funny.

I laugh, and I post that I’m laughing. I always let a poster know, hoping it will encourage them to keep coming with the funnies. I hate the idea that someone will argue with me in a thread, and then decide they don’t want to interact with me anymore. I wish we could fight and then laugh it all off.

Sometimes, I’m laughing it up and talking at a poster and then realize they aren’t really playing back with me…I wonder if we are ‘internet enemies’ and I just forgot, or didn’t notice or something.

If it’s funny, it’s funny and I don’t care who said it. But there are a very small number of posters who I can’t read anything of theirs without thinking “that’s that nut who ____”, no matter what they’re talking about. I don’t think any of them say funny things, but they do occasionally say things that aren’t crazy, and still all I can think is “crazy”.

Why yes, I’ll even post in people’s threads who I know don’t think very highly of me.