When the Dadaists said to destroy art, this isn't what they meant!

From CNN:

Stealing from museums is atrocious enough, but to destroy irreplaceable works of art!

Absolutely horrifying.

Yeah. I mean, moms have been throwing out their kids’ baseball and Magic cards for years, but this is a little extreme.

the . . . horror . . .

Sorry, that would be me.

The fucking bitch put canvases through the damn waste disposal and dumped artefacts in the canal.

BBC link

How utterly spiteful.

My sister sent me a link to an NYT article on this. I’m still in shock. I cannot fathom the severe dysfunction that would cause someone to destroy artwork valued in the billions like that, for whatever reason. The mind boggles.

Destroying art rips a ghaping hole in the collective soul of humanity that can never be filled. The stolen paintings, chinaware, and stauettes were a legacy from the past, ways of seeing the world that are now lost forever.

Yeah, sure.

Oh…I think I’m going to be sick…


She’s a bitch and I hope her garbage disposal is ruined!