When the Revolution Comes.....

Well, we all know it’s coming…

When The Revolution comes the Moffats will be sent to the coal mines

When The Revolution comes we’ll all get much better cake to eat

When The Revolution comes i’ll build a nice big Che memorial, and people wont ask me who he is

When The Revolution comes it’ll take a fuck of a lot more then 25% of the vote to get elected

When The Revolution comes Stockwell Day will be locked in a Natural History museaum until his hard little head explodes

When The Revolution comes we’ll strap Dubya Bush to one of his SDI missiles and fire launch him back to Texas

When The Revolution comes Ralph Nader will be a happy man

When The Revolution comes my little brother will get a decent education

When The Revolution comes Doctors with out boarders will no longer need to exist

(pardon me, bordom does funny stuff to my head)

When the revolution comes, the lawyers will be the first ones up against the wall…


[Stan] Viva la resistance! [/Stan]

Who are the Moffats?

Yes, count me in, “debout, les enfants de la terre” and all that. “You poor take courage, you rich take care…” Only I don’t understand about the doctors with out boarders. Well, nor about the Moffats either, but seeing as you argued the case so cogently, I’ll go along with it.:slight_smile:

And what kind of cake would it be, then?

Since we’re overthrowing the dominant powers, I vote for Pineapple Upside-Down Cake!

Oh, and to the lawyers, I add theatre critics.
And used-car salespeople.

When the Revolution comes, Comrades, there will be one road! From your house to the factory! One way! :smiley:

Please don’t…anywhere but here…I’m begging you…

When the revolution comes… we still won’t have health care, clean air, clean water, decent schools, free university, guaranteed income supplements, living old age pensions, or social justice for all.

BUT… it WILL be a hell of a lot easier for us to eventually fight for and win those things.

I thought Canada (more than the U.S.A.) was sort of together about health care? Obviously no. OK, I’ll have to sneak off and learn about Canada.

“Moffats To The Mines!” might sound well as a revolutionary slogan (if we knew who the Moffats were.)

I still want cake though. Flour to the people.

This ‘revolution’ thing sounds expensive.

You have anything cheaper? Maybe a ‘civil unrest’ or something?

Who/what are the “Moffats” and why should they be sent to the coal mines?

Are they an alternative music band?
Are they cloyingly annoying children’s TV characters, a la Teletubbies?
Are they a “Canadjan thing that us 'Murricuns wouldn’t understand”?


A little of one and a bit of two screech, The Moffats are a cloying annoying family band ala Hanson…


The Moffats are a pack of wanna be Hansonites.

First they were boy-bandish, then country, and now they say they want to “pick up where Led Zep left off”

Trust me, the coal mines are far too good for them

“cloying…wanna-be Hansonites”?
Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You can keep 'em.

I’ve already lived through “Hanson”, “The Osmonds”, “The Jackson Five”, “The Partridge Family”, “The New Christy Minstrels”, and…
I’m sorry, I can’t type any more, for the twitching.

::hides in a corner until the tics cease::
::feels better::

And I forgot to thank you Celyn for making me spit tea all over the monitor with your last post. That was funny; wish I had thought of that.

You’re welcome, comrade. Any time. I trust it was herbal tea though; as you know, proper tea is theft.

When the revolution comes, we won’t all have to wear dreary olive-green uniforms or those dreadful little Mao hats, will we? That is just NOT a good look for me.

Though I do look forward to boarding with one of those doctors . . .

No it’s not roomate-less MDs.

Aah. Light slowly dawns. Strangely, I had only ever heard them called Medecins sans Frontieres before, although I can’t think why.

When Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody’s gonna jump for joy.

(sorry, wrong thread.)