When they quack like a duck

God have mercy on us, we have another “genetic branching” aficianado.

We had one of those kooks in here about a year ago, didn’t we? Usualy they have just enough of a brain to not use the same username they post under at SF, but once in awhile they slip.

I suspect we’ll have to put up with our most recent “brancher” for the better part of a month.

My apologies. I never intended to even imply that you had come here to make a patently obvious racist post.

How about you give me a convincing argument about how he started a racist screed in the first place?

So he doesn’t like people different than him. Wah. That makes him just like 99% of the rest of the people on the planet. I don’t agree with him at all but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have his own opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely abhor any and everything associated with the StormFronters. Perhaps, I say again perhaps, he may just really believe this crap. If that is the case, wouldn’t your efforts be better used trying to assess his point of view, such as it stands, and then trying to change it?

You’re making excuses for a person who doesn’t deserve any.

Damn. I previewed and everything.

I am NOT making excuse for a person that doesn’t deserve any. If I turn out to be wrong, then cool, I was wrong. It won’t be the first OR the last time.

You didn’t.
The point is, you’re requiring an absurd level of proof for someone who starts a racist OP.

He’s a racist.

Moreoever, I used the word ‘why’, not ‘how’. Play straight. You have yet to suggest any reason why someone who starts a racist OP would have knowledge of SF and disavow that they were beyond the pale by putting the word radical into hard quotes.

~blink blink~

This is really absurd. You’re arguing that someone doesn’t like people who are different from him, and that isn’t a racist position? By the way, don’t paint with your 99% brush. Most of the people I know aren’t racists. And if you too feel that you dislike people who are different from you, well…

This is mind blowing.
He might actually believe in racist doctrines, thus, he’s not a racist?

Nope. If he is a racist he should be banned under the don’t be a jerk rule.

NB: IANAM, I am not saying this poster should be banned, mererly opining on the proper treatment of racist filth who post to the SDMB.

[hijack] I’d just like so say, as a reader of the “debate” going on in GD, that I am again seriously impressed by the caliber, structure, depth and comprehensiveness of the counter-arguments being presented by my fellow Dopers. You people never cease to astound me with your eruditeness. As a debate coach, I applaud your arguments and presentation.[/hijack]

Hell, it’d be more impressive if we hadn’t done it 100 times.

WHAT level of proof is so absurd? That you show that it IS a racist op?

Your opinion doesn’t count.

My apologies yet again. I misread as usual. YOU have yet to suggest that he DID start a racist op. Just because someone puts the word ‘radical’ in quotes does not equate to being a racist.

How the hell is that a racist position? I don’t like people that fight in the front yard at the top of their lungs, like my across the street nieghbors. Guess what? They’re a mixed xouple. Does that make me a racist? Of course not. It makes tham a bunch of assholes. I also don’t like people that race their cars around the curve in front of my house, like the people down the street. Guess what? They’re white. Does that make me a racist? No. It makes them a bunch of fucking morons.

If you’re trying to call me a racist, come on over and meet my daughters boyfriend who just happens to be black (I’m not) or my OTHER daughters boyfriend who happens to like rap music ( I don’t) or hald the people that my son hamgs out with.

Better yet, come on over and I’ll introduse you to my sister-in-law whose boyfriend happends to be black. Or maybe my other sister-in-laws girlfriend (yes she’s gay) who happens to be hispanic.

So don’t try and paint me with your…


This is mind blowing.
He might actually believe in racist doctrines, thus, he’s not a racist? Nope. If he is a racist he should be banned under the don’t be a jerk rule.

**So. He MIGHT believe in racist doctrines, therefore na him?

You may not be a mod, which is the case, but you DID say ban him.

On a side note, All I was trying to say was at least cut the guy a little slack and TRY AND CHANGE HIS ATTITUDE.

Immediately saying, “Oh, I seem to have seen something similar to this op before and it was posted by some idiot on StormFront and therefore HE must be from there also. Let’s ban him.” Is idiotic in the extreme.

Fight ignorance, don’t decide in advance that it’s impossible and therefore you won’t even try.

So what does it hurt to do it 101 or even 1001 times? Fighting ignorance does not mean that you just quit at the sight of an op that looks like it’s been done before. If you people (used generically as I have no beef with anyone here) would stick to your guns rather than throw your hands up in the air, perhaps you MIGHT change one or two people.

Quitting is for quitters.

And just because I absolutely fucking hate smileys, :wally

So an OP that is stating that we should be allowed to keep certain undesirables from living near us so that we may prevent interbreeding is not a racist OP?
Again, the level of proof you are requiring is absurd.

In any case I refuse to get into this debate with you, it’s ridiculous. You are free to go on believing that he’s a persecuted… whatever. I really don’t care.

Dude, I am NOT trying to debate this with you. I may be wrong but are you referring to this:

Or are you talking about THIS:

Or maybe this:

What I meant to say, and obviously, my brain can’t formulate things as well as TomnDeb, was this:

in regards to fighting ignorance.

Again, just saying that the op is a blatant racist is absurd. You guys need to start, and again, I’m repeating myself, trying to FIGHT ignorance rather than putting your hands over your ears and screaming at the top of your lungs ** LOOK AT THE RACIST**.

You’re right for the wrong reason.

The efforts of the TM in these kinds of threads ARE valuable. NOT that they have a prayer of changing the minds of the OP in similar situations. The OP here, and others who have visited here with similar ingrained views are ALMOST CERTAINLY not going to change. No matter what they read here.

But, where you’re right is that it gives those lurkers and others a chance to have their views expanded. There is a soft underbelly of readers/members/Guests here who merely read and either don’t post or post only infrequently. These are the people who read these kinds of threads and come away with a new perspective on issues.

So, you’re right to encourage the dialogue. It does good, but to those who lurk in the shadows. It usually, in my experience, does little good to the OPs.

I never said that I thought the op was being persecuted. I said that he was being tarred with a racist brush before he actually stated anything overtly racist.

Agreed. I never stated that the op’s opinion was ever going to change, what I SAID was that we should at least TRY and change his opinion.

Not trying is the same as saying that you couldn’t care less about changing someone’s opinion, you just want to yell about your own.

Lefty, I’m sorry to say it, but you brought up the subject of dishonest debate — I don’t think you’re always a good judge of what is or is not dishonest debate. You’ve called my debating dishonest on more than one occasion, and I think you were wrong. I think we’ve gotten beyond the insult side of that; that is, I’ve forgiven you. But after enduring your demands, hoops of fire, probations, giving and withholding respect, and so forth, I just don’t trust your judgment on these matters. You might call this dishonest as well, or take some sort of offense from it, but that’s how I feel about it.

I agree with Lib. World subsequently ends. News at eleven.

have to add my $.02 here, because it would be inappropriate in GD

This guy, gardenoflove, is a nutjob. A total whacko.

I’m almost unable to post in his thread anymore because he makes less and less sense with every new post. I can’t figure out where to call “bullshit” anymore because it’s seeping through every hole in his arguments.

Also, from reading here I gather that SF = StormFront and that this is some kind of neonazi/white power group? And that their posting on SDMB is something that has happened before, with regularity even? :rolleyes: At least this site won’t lack for easy targets… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also want to say that I agree with tomndebb

Give 'Em Enough Rope (man, I love The Clash!)

But LHoD, I agree that gardenoflove is a real turd. A Superturd, even… the result of literally minutes of selective breeding strategies between whatever it was that spawned him. :rolleyes: Like I said, at least it’s an easy target.


Which is why I haven’t bothered to post there.

Yeah, they invaded the board awhile back.


So why even bother pitting such an easy target? To make yourself look good? "HEY LOOK AT ME!!! I NOTICED THE RACIST ASSHOLE FIRST!!!

Better to use your brain to at least TRY and reason with an unreasonable person than to just spout off at the mouth.

No… I came here to pit a bit because it would be inappropriate, as I said, to post such comments in GD.

I agree, and have been trying. But I’m only human, and sometimes my head starts to hurt from hitting the brick wall of willful ignorance… hence, I came here to the pit…

You got a problem with that, Xploder? :dubious:

[QUOTE=Snowboarder Bo]
No… I came here to pit a bit because it would be inappropriate, as I said, to post such comments in GD.


Thanks for at least having a modcum of decrum.

Not at all. I appreciate when SOMEONE has the common sense to take their pit-like comments to the pit.

Again, I still have no major problem with anyone involved in this mess. My only problem is that sometimes, I have a problem expressing myself to where it’s understood.


Thanks for at least having a modicum of decorum.