When things change

There are some people out there, or so I am told, who thrive on change. Life for them is probably very exciting, full of new places, experiences, and people.

I am not one of those people. In fact, I would be happy if things stayed the same.

I wasn’t happy when high school was over, because it meant the end of my happy routine.

I hate coming to the last couple of pages in a good book, because that’s the last I’ll see of the characters.

The last season of Start Trek, The Next Generation was hard on me (shut-up you) because that had been part of my life growing up, my whole family sat on the couch eating homemade pizza and watching that show, it was really the only time in the week everyone spent together, my dad worked out of the province, and the weekends were the only time we saw him.

I don’t like it when winter’s over, and the snow melts, because my then I am used to hauling myself up every morning and shovelling the dern driveway, but now I have to deal with a whole new set of circumstances (I have to wear shorts! And that’s not right)

And finally I am very sorry to see Manhattan leaving as a moderator. I haven’t been here very long, but in a board with hundreds of posters, his was the first name I picked out as being one to read. Witty and acerbic, he’s one the posters who really gave the Straight Dope character. And I realise he is not leaving as a poster, just as a mod, it’s still a change, and for a person as stuck in her ways as I am, it still sucks, just a bit.

There is already a thread in GQ about manny’s departing, but I didn’t want to fill it up with my moping.

Oh, and my favorite ** manhattan** moment: