When to go to Six Flags (GA)?


I have a friend coming up to Chi’town for the 4th of July weekend. We were thinking of spending the Friday (July 1) at Six Flags Great America, reasoning that most people will be working that day. But my friend disagrees - he thinks most people take that day off anyway, so that won’t be a factor. He also said he’d had good luck going to amusment parks on actual holiday-days, like Memorial Day. Which made me think that going on the 4th might be better, since many people might be visiting family, going to barbecues, or jamming into Navy Pier, or whatever. At any rate it seems possible that Six Flags won’t be too many people’s ideal destination on the 4th of July.

What do you guys think? Would you take your familly to Six Flags on the 4th? Has anybody been there on the 4th, and what was it like?

I’m also thinking about just calling the park and seeing if they’ll release their attendance numbers from last year. That would be fun. :slight_smile:


Check the “when to go” section of the Unofficial Guide to SFOG.
I’m a bit of a roller coaster nut, and my experience with theme parks would be that Friday, July 1, would be your best bet. Actual holidays are always very crowded. Get to the park as early as possible.

If you can possibly afford the “Q-bot”, get one. You will be very very very happy that you did. If I recall correctly, you can have several ride reservations going at once, which will enable you to get in a lot more ride time. When I was there two years ago, people were waiting up to 3 hours in line to ride the Deja Vu. With the Q-Bot, you don’t actually have to stand in the line.

Here’s a link to a SFOG message board. You can get good information about pretty much anything you want to know about SFOG there.

Hey folks, I think that the GA in the title refers to Great America, not Georgia.

I should think that they’re going to be about the same, though.

Okay, I feel stupid. I was actually wondering why he would want to drive to Georgia when Chicago is so close to Great America. My advice about Friday being the best day still holds though.

That’s hilarious! :smiley: Thanks for the advice, and the link. From that site:


So, I’m torn. If I go Friday, I’m not sure if any other friends will go, and I won’t have a ride up there. :wink: I don’t mind renting a car for the day, but it’s just a little extra hassle. If I go Monday, others might come, and it shouldn’t be too crowded, or at least not as bad as a Saturday.