MADopers and roller coasters! Anyone in?

Greetings, folks! To our illustrious MADopers, I certainly hope we’ve got a few coaster enthusiasts. TeleTronOne and I have been chatting lately and attempting to put together a trip to Six Flags America .

Due to schedules, we’re looking at either dates of October 6th or October 27/28. They’re open until 8 PM on the 6th, but only 6 PM on the 27th and 28th. I know some of you are saying “That’s awfully late in the year to be going to an amusement park!”; however, amusement parks in the fall can be a lot of fun.

So, if you’re interested, check in and let’s see who we can make scream like a little girl on the Roar!:smiley:


Make sure you take your motion sickness pills girl, you had a tough time on Top Gun here at our park. :wink:

My siblings and I usually take these roller coaster trips. We might do one next and I’m dragging my pal Steff with me next time. LOL.

YESSSSS!!! I’m in. I also have a season pass and can get people in for $20 bucks. Up to 6 that is. I also have a parking pass. Oh and just ask any of the people I go with and they’ll tell you I scream like a little Girl. {:

You want to come to VA for this one?:slight_smile:

And Edward, yay! Discounted tickets would be good (oh, yeah, and I suppose it’d be cool to meet you, too:D).

Except I mixed up the date - October 6th is on a Monday, she we’d need to schedule it for October 5th.

Yeah, he’s not too scary. I met him and lived to tell the tale!!

Hubby is taking daughter there tomorrow for her birthday. I was going to order their tickets on line, but by the time you paid to have them delivered, there was hardly any savings. What a racket. Anyway, I’m jealous - I love steel rollercoasters (hate the rickety wooden ones) They’ll be having fun while I’m cleaning the garage. Then you guys will be having fun while I’m doing other chores. I shoulda been born independently wealthy!

Maybe. I’ll see how it works out.

Well I’m obviously in. Woohoo! Roller coasters! Who’s gonna ride that big “take you up really high and then drop you to the ground really fast” thing with me?

Heh, you know what I would but financially, it’s not realistic especially since I have the Florida trip and I can barely afford that!

You know I’ll ride it with you, honey…need you even ask? :wink:

Oh, and I finally get to meet birdgirl! Yay!:slight_smile: If mr. avabeth-to-be is living here by then, I’ll drag him along to prove that yes, he is real:D. He doesn’t ride coasters, though, so if anyone wants to bring small children, he can keep an eye on them while the daredevils go ride. It’ll give him practice for our own someday.


Ooh. Count me and the boyfriend in, possibly. I totally love roller coasters, and I haven’t been to any amusement parks this summer.

He says yes, so put us on the ‘more than likely will be there’ list. :smiley:


(I haven’t been to an amusement park in years)

Definite maybe. Sorry I can’t be any more committal than that, but things have gotten totally busy, confusing, depressing and many other adjectives at once.

As any of the Montreal Dopers can attest, I’m a wimp when it comes to roller coasters. So I’m gonna sit this one out.


So have we come up with a date yet? I belive I’m open for most dates this fall and it would be nice to go again. They might even have the Fright Fest stuff open. The haunted house was really good last year.

Ack… That’s too far away for me for just a 2-day weekend, or I’d definitely be in.

Hear hear. I’ll ride any of them, but the wooden frame ones that rattle don’t do much for me. I was just at Busch Gardens in Tampa a few weeks ago, and their newest one (Gwazi) is like that. Nothing special. But my favorite there is the inverted coaster – Montu. That one is a blast! Gotta get the front seat, though – you can see everything.

Is that the “Free Fall” ride, like they have at Six Flags Over Georgia? Did that last time I was there, ages ago. Put a penny on your knee before you drop, and watch it float up as you fall.

Put me down as a definite maybe. I’d really, really like to go, but my calendar for the next two months is already extremely crowded.

First time I rode Montu, we got the front row! What a rush!!! If the line hadn’t been so long, I’d have ridden again!

They have one of those at the Six Flags America. I hate that thing, and I still ride it. I can ride most anything except a lot of the spinny crap any more. That free fall just sucks though, I’m always cursing when the thing drops you. I’m not sure I’d want to put a penny on my knee though, probably end up hitting me in the eye or something.

I’m still up for any weekend and can get upto 6 other people in. Someone just pick a date. I have things to do October 17-18 and Halloween weekend. And I guess the weekend before Halloween too will be at JC’s. Hey we could make it a huge day long party starting at Six Flags then heading out to JC’s place. Now that would be Halloween.