When Tom & Jerry go to the beach, why do they wear bathing suits?

I mean, they seem to go through life nude, but when they’re at the beach, they’re suddenly hyper-modest?

Things that occur to me while watching cartoons with the Cub…

It’s not a nude beach.

I’d speculate the writers wanted to emphasize that Tom and Jerry were there to swim. The bathing suits are something everyone puts on to swim.

<shrug> it made sense when I was 9. :wink:

Because it’s the BEACH. When you go to the beach, that’s what you wear, so everyone knows you’re at the beach.

Kinda like how when Tom is giving a piano concert, he wears white tie and tails.

Good thing they drew a bathing suit on her. A cat with a female figure. huh.

Well they’d look stupid in baseball or football uniforms.

Same reason Donald Duck is embarrassed when his shirt comes off in public.

How else could they get a nice tan line?

If it were a bikini she’d have to wear three tops.

^ How would she wear a thong, with the tail and all?

There’s reason after reason here why it all makes sense. Real cartoon animals wear swim suits at the beach, that’s just the way life is.

The suits keep the sand out of uncomfortable places.

I think the Hays Code might’ve had something to do with this.

Because wet fur is too revealing.

Or wraps a towel around himself when he get’s out of the shower or bath; then get’s dressed & goes bottomless.

Curious George wears pajamas at night. During the day, nothing, unless a coat.

Because it’s funny?

I don’t think I ever really though of carton animals as being nude; their fur (or feathers) is supposed to be their clothing.

Because it was just part of the theme. Tom also wore a zoot suit in at least one episode.


I once heard that Disney comics were banned from Finnish libraries because (a) Donald et al. habitually went around with their naughty bits exposed and (b) the parentage of Louie, Dewey, and Huey (and, one would assume, April, May, June, Morty, Ferdie, Millie, and Tilly) was ambiguous.

Whether this was true or someone was just having me on, I don’t know.