Why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants?

Mickey Mouse wears pants. Why does Donald Duck wander around with his nether regions uncovered?

I mean, I could understand if he didn’t wear clothes at all. He’s a duck and ducks don’t wear clothes. Daffy Duck doesn’t wear clothes.

But, apparently, as an anthropomorphized duck, Donald feels some necessity to cover his nakedness. But what a strange choice! Pants aren’t generally considered optional. I mean, being a guy, I can wander around barefoot and shirtless in the summer and no one cares. But if I tried going to the beach wearing only a tee-shirt I’d get arrested.

Didn’t anyone at Disney think this thing through?

A ducks legs/feet are important to the design of a duck-based character. their legs are unique. No one gives a shit about a mouse’s legs. So putting pants on a duck character robs them oh interesting visual.

And how can Goofy, a dog, have a pet Pluto, also a dog?

It’s madness people!

He does wear pants, you just are not looking correctly.

You see his pants and his shirt are BOTH WHITE, just like Donald’s feathers are

You think the blue garment that looks like a shirt is in fact a shirt. This gives him the illusion that he has no pants. That isn’t a shirt, that’s like a pullover sweater.

Donald also covers his nether regions when he’s naked. pic. He also wraps a towel round his waist when he gets out of the shower.

This is even weirder. So he walks around all the time with his crotch totally exposed, but then gets modest and covers himself when he takes off his shirt?

Porky pig doesn’t wear pants either. Nor do Petunia and Cicero.

And the only time Bugs Bunny wears clothes is when he’s crossdressing.

I always felt Porky was the most inappropriately exposed cartoon character. Put on some drawers, fool!

Probably the same reason he speaks English, drives a car, and lives in a single-family detached house.He’s not real.

No shirt, no shoes, no service. And how much people care depends on how fit you are I suppose, but there are some places where shirtlessness would definitely be unacceptable. As for pantlessness, Donald is a duck, not a man. Duck’s genitals do not flop about exposed like yours presumably might if unpantsed.

That’s a very good point.

Isn’t Pluto most often depicted as Mickey’s pet?

Pluto and Goofy are not the same species. Pluto is a dog, while Goofy is a dawg. Huge difference.

This was a topic an early Mad parody by Harvey Kurtzman, back before it was Mad Magazine. (The title started out in comic book format.)

Strangely enough, Disney has an official answer as to why Donald wraps a towel around his waist when he doesn’t wear pants:

Ducks, like all birds, have internal naughty bits. The only time we can see them through the feathers is for a brief moment during mating. The cloaca in the male and female everts, and sperm cells are transferred.

Thays more than I needed to know about Donald Duck.

He is a perveret & a Communist, next question.

Did anybody else have weird dreams as a kid where you were walking around completely bottomless and interacting with the cartoons as nothing was odd about it?

Mine don’t, due to my two X chromosomes. I don’t have to wear pants?

See, Walt Disney was engaging in bizarre genetic animal anthropomorphizing experiments. His initial experiments with a mouse and a duck were successful, but when he tried it on a dog, the subject experienced a certain amount of brain damage.

Meanwhile, Pluto is an ordinary dog.

On the nosey!

Mickey is Disney, everybody covers their no-no’s in Disney.

Bugs, Daffy, Porky, etc. all go au naturale for Warner Brothers.