When Was The Last Time "CHARLIE'S AUNT" Was Performed?

For some odd reason, I can still remember the lyrics of several songs from the 19th century musical “Charlie’s Aunt”. It goes like this:
…“where is it he goes to visit, Hong Kong Baluchistan or Nome…Wher’s Carlie, how’s Charley. when’s Charl;ey coming home?”
Any doper sout there remeber this old musical? When was its last American performance?

It is still being performed somewhere, and is a staple of college and community theater. Here, for example is an upcoming performance at the Montgomery Playhouse in Ashbury, MD.

It was made into a silent film in 1925, a talkie in 1930, and the 1941 film version was Jack Benny’s first major role as a film actor

According the IBDB, the last Broadway revival was in 1970. The original production was in 1893, and other B’way reivals were in 1906, 1925 and 1940. As MisterThyristor noted, there is no doubt a high school, college or community theater in production as we speak.

I work at Samuel French in New York… we own the rights to Charley’s Aunt and I can tell you that it is a staple in many community theatres across the nation. We consistently sell scripts and performing rights, especially in the midwest region.

As an aside, “Charlie’s Aunt” is a play (no music) that was made in the 1890s. “Where’s Charlie?” is a musicalization of the play from the mid-40s by Frank (“Guys and Dolls”) Loesser.

Some confusion may come from the fact that there was a movie made of the musical (in 1952 with Ray Bolger, star of the stage version) and at some point the musical was re-released under the title “Charley’s Aunt”.

In any case, the lyrics you quoted

The movie is also impossible to find. Apparently some dancer in it has refused rights to rerelease it. I really, really want to see it. Dammit.


um…to finish that sentence “The lyrics you quoted were from the Loesser musical”.

Ah, Charley’s Aunt. That was a fun play in college. I played Fancourt Baberly. Only show I ever “starred” in.

A lot of fun.