When was your 1st time...

I have kids coming into their teens and while I don’t feel out of touch with their lives I am curious as to when I really need to start worrying. I have already had the “talk” with my oldest, but when do I need to really re-enforce it.

I am sure there have been other threads about this…

Anyway, my first time was three days after my 14th birthday.

I was about 2 months away from turning 15. I was kind of an outlier, though. Most of my friends were about 16-17.

Sooner rather than later. If your kids are coming into their teens and you’ve only had the talk with the oldest…I would say you are too late. They’ve probably already heard most everything, albeit, probably not completely accurate from their friends at school.

I was a month off 17.

45 and still got it.


However, my sister actually got herself pregnant (aborted) at 16. Surprisingly, my parents didn’t go nuts over that, especially as they knew who did it. They also didn’t give us any talk about “it” beforehand.

This. Frankly I’ve been having some version of the talk (and I don’t just mean where babies come from) since they were young. My kids are so sick of hearing about birth control and being safe and being with someone who respects you and respecting them etc etc… (15 daughter and 17 year old son).

I’m 27 and still a virgin.

17 for consensual sex…and I got pregnant that first time.

I’d been doing “everything but” since 14, though. Yeah, more than past time for The Talk.

Two weeks or so shy of my 16th birthday. Make sure your kids know that if they want to have sex, they can come to you and you’ll get them birth control. I never once had unprotected sex before I was actively trying to get pregnant.

Same, though I was halfway through my senior year of high school at the time.

One of my sisters-in-law had sex at age 12. She’s over 50 now. I agree that at the minimum, the oldest has already heard a ton.

Define “it.” Intercourse? I was 23 and it was my wedding night.

Oral sex? I was 17.

Think I fessed up. I was 17. A poker buddy was getting married & the bachelor party was in a shady bar in Newark. I got tossed into a back room with girl who had that Dallas Cowboys short blonde hair bob that was on the posters. I was stupid, awkward, didn’t know what to do & took way too long.
She was really Super Pissed at the money she’d “lost” too. :rolleyes:

And I was eff’d up for the rest of HS & the first year of college re: girls. I still, under no circumstances, can ever find “professionals” sexy.

“…ain’t no condom thick enough…to tempt me to you-hoo…”

18, the night before my Calculus final, which I aced anyway.

Marriage isn’t enough for you guys ? You want to claim loss of virginity as well ?


17 and a senior in high school. Girlfriend was 15 and a sophomore. We were together for 2 years after that. Still friends, too, 40 years later.

My oldest is turning 13 soon, my middle is not 11 for a few more months. I had the talk with my oldest when he was 10, but have waited for the middle son because of maturity. Also, I know that big brother has corrected some of his misconceptions.

  1. A few months before 18th birthday. I was a freshman in college.