When was your first time?

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When did you lose your virginity? Down to the hour and minute if possible. And any other details you might want to share.

For me, it was 27 October 1965, about 4:00 in the afternoon. My girlfriend and I were fooling around in her bedroom after school, one thing led to another and she rocked my world.

We were ditching school, so it would have been 3:00 pm or later, on a weekday. It was 1983, in his best friend’s bed. While his best friend was downstairs.

What can I say? He was a hopeless romantic and didn’t want my first time to be in his Chevy Nova!


Christmas Eve, around 11:00 PM, 1954. I remember it well.

Early 1984, February or very early March, I think. I was 15. My girlfriend taught me the real meaning of “after-school special.”

November of 1981. I was 17. She was 20.

I gave a friend a lift home and she invited me up to her place for a beer. One thing led to another and…ahhh, memories! :slight_smile:

1986, late on a Friday night, likely the 17th of September. On my roommate’s bed (mine was in a loft, and less, um, smooth a transition, IYKWIM). Took me almost a week to get her name (she called me my roomie’s name during the fun stuff, so we were even).

The weekend before Halloween in 2005. I was living in Salem, Oregon at the time and was visiting a friend in Portland. We spent the day together, and then had some drinks at her apartment. I’m not sure when it was except sometime later that evening.

Oddly, I was late to the game, but had sex with a completely unrelated girl a week or two later, and she was disappointed to find out she’d been beaten to the punch.

Mid August 1984. Maybe the 13th or 14th or something like that. I only know that because I know it was just a few days before my 14th birthday. He was 16. We were both virgins.

Mid afternoon. We were swimming in my pool and I asked him to come into the house with me for a minute. We had a finished basement and for the most part, it was my domain. I had a bed down there in one of the bedrooms. We’d done just about everything possible except actual intercourse for a few months leading up to that day. I just remember thinking it was the right time. It was.

We ended up making 2 kids together and I do happen to know where each of them were conceived. Our oldest (who will be 22 tomorrow) was conceived in that very same basement in New Jersey several months later. (It was June, at night, after a graduation party.) Our youngest (who will be 18 on Thursday) was conceived in Highland Park, NJ on a hot afternoon in June of 1990.

July 19, 1963, around 11 p.m., at my boyfriend’s (later husband) brother’s apartment, when brother and his wife were out of town – in their bed. Yeah, that’s not good guest behavior, but I was determined that my first time wouldn’t be in the back seat of a car. We’d been dating for about two years and we got married a year later. I remember thinking it was no big deal – not nearly as much fun as the foreplay.

Jeez, you guys, how do you remember this stuff? I can narrow it down to a year – it was 1982 – and the season: it was very early Spring, I’m pretty sure. But month, day & date? No idea.

Remember the place, though – it was his apartment in Newport, Rhode Island. I was 21.

I had to check a perpetual calendar for the exact date, but I nailed it down (HA!, nailed it down… get it? )

Friday, September 5th, 1975. The Friday after Labor Day. I’d have to guess sometime around 9:30 or so, not long after the first movie started. In the backseat of a green Buick, with the red-haired girl that was a year older then me in school. Just the best body you ever saw, enough of a reputation that I was pretty certain things would work out, but a real sweetheart and we actually dated a bit afterwards.

It was our first date, the double feature at the Bel-Air was Flesh Gordon and Blazing Saddles. Fridays were Massive Party Night at the Bel-Air in those days, I always imagined the guy cleaning the lot the next day and finding all them empty Boone’s Farm bottles and used condoms.

I know I used all three of the ones I brought that night! Grand total of about 38 seconds, but hey, I was happy.
Yes, I got better.

I am sad to report I have no fricken clue. If I thought about it, I may get the year right. I do remember the place, though. A very romantic back seat of a 1969 Chevy. :smiley:

Eh, I don’t remember it exactly anymore. Must have been 1976, Novemberish. It was in my bedroom, in my bed at my parents house. We were 18.

24th Feb 2005, around 2:30 pm. At my then girlfriend, now wife’s, place. She had done the deed before but it was the first time for me.

The evening of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 1987. My room at the college dorm, most everybody had already left for the holiday. My girlfriend of about 2 weeks and I were going to our respective home towns early the next morning. She had quite a bit of experience, I had never gotten past clothesless petting and/or dry humping. Prince of the City playing on the TV.

[Forrest Gump]She tasted like cigarettes.[/fg]

August 17, 2003, sometime between 7 and 9 pm, in my bedroom at my father’s house. Tried in a cornfield earlier, but there were too many rocks on the ground, so we moved to my bedroom.

August 18 1976 on my best friend’s bed. She and her boyfriend already had their own apartment. Handy. :slight_smile:

We’d known each other for two years and dated for one. I was sixteen, he was twenty and had one previous girlfriend. We went on to be a couple for five years and close friends for the rest of his life, another eleven years.

It was a Friday, the 13th.

Unlucky, My Ass! :smiley:

July 5, 1975, late in the evening. My wedding night.

Define ‘‘virginity.’’

If we’re talking full-on vaginal intercourse, that would be my wedding night, June 11 2006, at the age of 23. It was pretty hilarious.