When will I be in my prime?

Surely there’s no exact answer to this question, and I think I’m going to need help on how to establish criteria to determine how to define my “prime.” For example, athletes will hit a certain age where they are thought to be in their “prime.” I’m not an athlete, but at some point I will have to be in my prime, right?

For example, when would I be in peak physical condition? When can I expect to be earning the most money, without the trade off of being on the back end of my life. I guess that’s all I can break it down to right now: when will I be making the most money with the largest amount of productive, healthy years ahead of me? For the sake of the argument, assume an average, healthy, educated male.

A male’s athletic peak is generally in his late 20s, as measured by performance in pretty much any sport you care to mention. Most of them, anyway; some swing a bit higher or lower.

In terms of looks, a lot of men seem to look their best in their 30s, I think because a little more maturity and confidence outweighs the very minimal aging that takes place between your 20s and 30s.

Your maximum earning potential will go up every year, so when your peak for income/health tradeoff is is wholly dependent on your lifestyle and how it affects your life expectancy. If you avoid smoking, exercise and eat well, you can extend this pretty late. I know a guy at my work who’s 62, and he looks 50, has a 35-year-old wife and a 4-year-old daughter, and is living it up big time. But he’s in shape, takes care of himself. He’ll look good at 75.

The peak you might already be past is your artistic peak; it seems to me - this is a subjective call, but it’s one I can defend very easily - that artists seem to peak earlier than other professions.

Intellectual peak, I’m really not sure.

Last year. It was always last year.

For men, about age 35. For women about 25. In both cases, you are a full-grown adult but with none of the ravages of age.