When Will SD Add a "Like" Button?

It’s time for the SD to get into the 21st Century. In the least, will you please add a “Like” button? So many good threads to “Like”…so little time!

In reality - never.

The core question would be - what purpose does a like button serve? On Facebook its prime purpose is to allow tracking of personal preferences to direct targeted advertising. I guess the same could be done here, although the results might be, well, interesting.

It would reduce the number of nearly content-free “me too” posts, as people feel a need to express support for a poster or their opinion but don’t necessarily have anything substantial to add to the discussion.

me too


^^ This

No twittification or facebooking of the dope, please. There are things that could be done to improve the board. This ain’t one of them.

How many of these threads have we had now?

Quite a few, including a previous one by the OP.


I’m closing this one.