When will the DVDs come out?

Specifically for Lost Season 4, but in general, any observations on how long after a season ends, a show’s DVDs typically become available?

We’re late to the Lost cult - just got through watching Season 3 courtesy of Netflix. We videotaped all of Season 4 - we hope - but if there’s a chance Season 4 will be out on DVD before Season 5 comes out, we might hold off and wait to rent them .

Lost Season 4 comes out December 9th.


Generally, a show will come out on DVD between 6 and 8 months after the season ends.

DRAT!! (and thanks - it didn’t occur to me to look at Amazon for a date estimate). You’d think The Powers That Be would want to have their previous season available earlier to help refresh the viewers’ memories and get them hyped up for the new season, but who knows what TPTB think. :mad:

(I’m spoiled by Heroes, to which I came also late, but I’ve now seen both seasons online courtesy of Netflix).

Lost Season 5 won’t start until January or February. Plenty of time to marathon the DVDs of Season 4.

For future reference I like this site:

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