When will the next big names drop?

Of course the current speculation is when (or if) Bill Clinton will step out to help in this Presidential cycle. I could definitely see him helping out in Appalachia and in some Southern states that are now in play. My guess is that he’ll give Hillary a head start campaigning with Obama so as not to crimp her show, and then step in within two weeks.

How about Bloomberg? Besides the speculations about him as a possible VP for either, he could also endorse either. His imprimatur could go a long way both with fiscal conservatives and with those who care about Israel, whichever way he drops. So far he is holding those cards close to his vest. I think that he’ll hold out for at least another month.

Hagel has already stated that he’d consider running as Obama’s VP if asked. I think that counts as dropping for him already.

Anyone else that still could gain some deserved press time with an announcement of who they like and why?

Bloomberg is already speaking out. He is taking the stump to tell Jews that the e-mail smears about Obama are lies. But in the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see General Jones say something. Maybe he’ll even accompany Obama to Iraq and Afghanistan.

While bumping my own thread is not the form I’d like to be known for, I’d like to say for the record that Bill will come out publicly stumping for Obama beginning the week of July 14th. This week is filled with Hillary focus as she continues to introduce him to her folk in private fundraisers. Much later than the following week butts into when Obama will be going on that international tour … and no one wants anything interfering with the press from that. Beyond that runs into Olympics and squeezing a VP announcement in before the Convention - Bill wants no major competition in the news cycle when he does come out and Obama wants the Bill buzz to be died down by VP announcement and Convention times. Bill has to be out there stumping before the convention; introducing his wife (or Obama? Nah.) surely can’t be the right time to first publicly endorse. So the week of July 14th is the only window open unless they hurry it up during the next week.

And to my op, I can see Powell coming out right after the GOP convention. That would a great time for any Obamacans who have not officially declared to do so, especially military folks. The goal is to steal the ball and control the narrative.

I expect Arnold to stump pretty aggressively for McCain. He did so for Bush, and McCain is much closer to Arnold, politically, than Bush was. Arnold could be a big plus for McCain.

If I were Obama, I’d want Bill Clinton to smile, nod, carry an Obama for Prez sign, and most of all to shut his damn piehole. He routinely screwed the pooch stumping for Hillary, and one presumes his heart was really in that race.