When will these come out on DVD?

Does anyone know when the followind things will be released on DVD?

  1. Beavis and Butt-Head episode collections (The Final Judgement and Beavis and Butt-Head Do Christmas are already out, I’m interested in the others.)

  2. Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000

According to the MST3K fan website, Satellite News, Rhino video has yet to make any announcement about DVDs.

I don’t know anything about B&B.

It astounds me that none of the Godfather movies are available on DVD. And if anyone finds a wide screen DVD of Full Metal Jacket give me a call.


Full Metal Jacket was filled 35mm and matted for theatrical presentation. The DVD was struck from the camera negative and was not matted for home video, at the specific request of Mr. Kubrick.

If you really want letterbox, just tape cardboard to the top and bottom of your screen (It was shown theatrically 1.85:1 in the US, 1.66:1 in the U.K.)

Uh oh, not the full metal jacket thing again…

The version thats out now was shot open matte, which means its shot in 1.33 (TV aspect ratio), but the projectionists would block out the top and bottom of the frame to get it to 1.65(?)

So, take the Full Metal Jacket or The Shining (same thing there) disc from the Kubrick Collection dvds, play them, and run a strip of duct tape across the top and bottom of your TV, and you’ll get what they saw in theatres.

I don’t know why, but they do say “formatted to fit your TV” or words to that effect on the box, which is misleading.

(I myself didn’t buy the disc till I verified that it was indeed open matte and not pan 'n scan)

Personally, I’m hoping for The Shawshank Redemption to finally come out.

Your right about the Godfather series; Glengarry Glen Ross, Night of the Hunter and The Lion King would sure be nice too.

Anyone know where we can send our wishlists of movies?

Doh, simulpost.

I recommend to all a site called “DVDVerdict.com”. It has great reviews of released DVDs (from both a creative and technical sense), DVD equipment, and on the home page there’s a section called “Wish List”, listing movies the editors would like to see on DVD. I vote for the Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies, meself, 'though I heard Spielberg and Lucas “have doubts about the validity of the DVD format” (translation: no DVD versions until there’s enough DVD players out there for them to rake in the bucks.)

Disney seems to be committed to the DVD format at least as strongly as anyone else is… the first TV ad I saw for a home video that specifically mentioned DVD was for a Disney movie.

So, you’ll probably be able to get The Lion King next time they release it… I’ve heard they have a 7-year release cycle, but that may not be true.

Aw, crap. It is www.dvdverdict.com, but the section I was referring to is called the “Most Wanted List”, not “Wish List.” My bad.

The Shawshank Redemption will be released on DVD December 21, 1999.

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IIRC, it’s been delayed for about 2 years. I ordered it once upon a time when it was first announced, and got tired of waiting.

As for MST3K: I check out the MST3K Info site daily and a few months ago I took responded to a poll about what I’d like to see in a MST3K DVD (damn these acronyms!). My suggestions were to have an original full-length version of the movie being Misted as well as interviews with the cast about the taping of the movie (of course, that becomes more difficult as the years go by), and behind-the-scenes stuff.

I’m waiting for recordable DVD myself.

You mean a “director’s cut” of MST3K: The Movie? Sorry, but knowing Grammercy, there’s no way they’ll authorize the additional 50-cent cost (total, not per unit) of another MST3K:TM version.

MST3K: The Movie is already out, I think. I don’t know what additional stuff it has, if any.

Out on DVD, I mean.

I’ve been scratching my head about that whole Star Wars not on DVD thing. I am not suprised to hear about Lucas and Speilberg being cautious and skeptical, but what would they lose by releasing a DVD version that was shown to be on a unsuccessful format? Sounds like pure butter for them. They double their profit when the better format comes along. I want that damn Star Wars trilogy DVD set with special interviews, extra footage, widescreen, and THX!!!

I accidentally recorded over my VHS copy of one of my all-time favorite movies, Educating Rita. AFAIK, it’s not on DVD yet, but I don’t want to buy another VHS copy if it’s coming out anytime soon. Has anyone heard anything about it?


Something (my sarcasm) got lost in the translation of my last post. I didn’t mean to imply that Lucas (and Spielberg) isn’t sure about DVD; I meant that they both are hiding behind the excuse I quoted. They just want DVD to take off enough so when they release Star Wars and Indiana Jones, they’ll rake in some serious moolah. (Because they need it.)

torq, Disney recently announced a change in their home video release policy. Rather than the old “on the market for a limited time” strategy, Disney is going to pull all but 10 of their titles out of that plan. Within two years, those titles will be permanently available, and all titles will now be available on VHS and DVD. The 10 titles which will still be subject to the moratorium strategy are:

Snow White
Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Jungle Book
Little Mermaid
Lady & The Tramp
101 Dalmatians

All Disney DVD titles, UFN, will be priced at $39.99. They defend the high price with the lack of extra features by saying they are using more expensive dual-layer discs for movies with shorter running times to maximize the audio and video resolution.

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I’ve been waiting and waiting for my all-time favorite western to come out on DVD, “Once Upon a Time in the West.” I check NetFlix.com about once a week, and haven’t seen it yet.

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