Please! PLEASE someone, release these DVD!!

Yes, there are thousands of movies on DVD now, but there are still a bunch more to DVDitize.

Here is my OH PLEASE! list, in no particular order:

Citizen Kane (I know I’m the only person who wants this ;))
One From The Heart (This film DEMANDS the quality of DVD)
The Cotton Club (so does this one. Sigh)
War Hunt (1961, Robert Redford’s first film, a great movie)
Real Genius (Stuffed with extras, please!)
Gambit (1966, Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine)
Burden of Dreams (the making of Fitzcarraldo)
Hearts of Darkness (the making of Apocalypse Now)
Quick Change (Bill Murray, Geena Davis)
Bliss (the 1985 Australian film)
Cape Fear (the 1961 Gregory Peck/Robert Mitchum film)
Blood Simple (it was re-released to theaters, where’s the DVD already?)
The Bad Seed (a very guilty pleasure)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (yeah yeah, it’s supposed to be coming. I’ll believe it when I see it)
Educating Rita (Michael Caine, Julie Walters)
Paris, TX (my favorite Harry Dean Stanton film)
Wings of Desire (my favorite Wim Wenders film)
Auntie Mame (I think it’s coming out)
The Elephant Man (this deserves Criterion treatment)
The Stunt Man (such a quirky gem)
The Pirates Of Penzance (yeah it’s silly, but it’s wonderful! Kevin Kline makes the best Pirate King!)
Top Secret (things change. hairstyles change. interest rates fluctuate)


“My ears are lucky to hear these glorious songs…”
Happy Rhodes

I second all those. Especially Top Secret and Real Genius. Seems someone is neglecting the cult movie segment of DVD player owners…

And I would like to add the following to the list

Joe Vs. The Volcano

Um…missing the obvious ones:

The Indiana Jones trilogy
The Star Wars trilogy (I could care less about Phantom Menace)

The Neverending Story.

Not the crappy sequel. Or the “part III” which I couldn’t even bring myself to watch. Just the original. Please.

Add Orgazmo to the list.

Wayne’s World, and all the Simpsons episodes

Oh yes, the Star Wars trilogy, it goes without saying. (Why are you making us wait, Lucas??)

Raiders of the Lost Ark, definitely. (I’ve heard rumblings about this. Another “I’ll believe it when I see it”)

I know this will make some people ill, but I really do want a Titanic DVD with major amounts of extras. I liked it. I’m a sap. Shoot me. Anyway, I’ve boycotted buying the movie on video or DVD until Cameron gets around to doing it right. (My favorite film that year was LA Confidential, if that gains me back any points).

Getting back to somewhat more obscure movies, I’m a Warren Beatty fan and I completely forgot some of my favorites:

Mickey One, Lilith and All Fall Down
REDS!! (this one also cries out for Widescreen and extras)
McCabe & Mrs Miller

I also forgot Kate Bush’s The Line, The Cross & The Curve.

I agree with Joe Vs. The Volcano and UHF too.

(Sorry about that Subject Line folks. How embarrassing)


“My ears are lucky to hear these glorious songs…”
Happy Rhodes

I had to read this thread twice to make sure I was correct in noticing that no one mentioned Schindler’s List yet. Yikes, people, what’s wrong with you? :o

Anyway, I’ll add the Trois Colours trilogy and my all time favourite film, La Double Vie de Véronique by Kieslowski. The Decalogue was a nice start.

The Goonies

It’s my favorite movie. :slight_smile:

hey montfort, always nice to see another kieslowski fan. yeah, i’d probably go with the three colors trilogy and the double life of veronique as well, but there are other movies i would like to see on dvd, i just can’t think of any of them right now

If we’re including Top Secret, I have to add Hot Shots and Hot Shots Part Deux. Great shows both.

director’s cut of until the end of the world, five hours at the minimum, 11 hours would be just fine.



Eq (banished to the depths of hell for forgetting THAT one!)

“My ears are lucky to hear these glorious songs…”
Happy Rhodes

Agreed with most of the above. The So and I were discussing which ones we wanted just the other night and one we mentioned as the only porn we wanted on DVD was The Story of O.

I’m going to start taking hostages if Citizen Kane isn’t released on DVD soon. And releasing some half-assed “no special features, movie and trailer only” version is the kind of thing that gets hostages shot, friends and neighbors.

Speaking of director’s cuts… I hope this ends up on DVD with the octopus scene put back in. Data refers to it at the end of the movie (“The octopus was very scary!”), but it never actually happens. It’s in the novel though.

I would pay almost any amount for a copy of the edit of Until the End of the World that is a miniseries of 24 half-hour episodes. But it may only exist in Wim Wenders’ mind.

I should say I am getting one of my fondest DVD wishes granted in a few months… special edition of Big Trouble in Little China with gasp an alternate ending!


I think the DVD we’re all hoping for is, of course, Return of the Living Dead.

Yeah, with the Citizen Kane they better have the Making Of special I’ve heard about, when they release it on DVD.

The Godfather Trilogy.

I wish those rat-bastards at Batjack Productions would release
The High and the Mighty

Thanks, neptune, I’m glad someone mentioned The Godfather.

There’s been a number of TV series that have taken advantage of DVD’s extended memory to release box sets. I’d like to see them continue this with series like The Rockford Files, Wiseguy, and Stingray. Unfortunately, they’ll probably release The A-Team instead.

According to Amazon, the deluxe edition of Dogma is finally in the works. I don’t know why Smith and company didn’t release this in the first place.

Now if only the rumored deluxe edition of The Princess Bride would get back on track.