When will this rubber thing stop smelling?

Two years ago, we got Polish Lady Cart (you know, the wire-looking ones that you haul groceries and laundry in). It was first stored in a closet, until the smell of the rubber tires so permeated the clothes that wearing them gave one a headache. Then it was moved to the enclosed back porch. While summer was going, it wasn’t so bad as we could keep the windows open, but when winter hit, it was started to stink up the joint again.

We must have gotten used to it because it hasn’t bothered me again until just recently (we had the windows open all summer). Being lazy, I carried it up the stairs and left it in the stairwell (carpeted). Now the carpet and the books I’ve left there smell like burning rubber.

How can this thing still stink two years in? What can I do about it short of throwing it away or keeping it outside? (thought about keeping it outside, but would probably forget to bring it back in when it rained and there’s no place to really shelter it around here in the winter). Also, what are the odds that the fumes are noxious?

[from the hip] Boil the wheels–outdoors. Or get replacement wheels from Home Depot, after smelling them.

I second that motion. I had this problem with a wire “tack” cart we used at horse shows to roll stuff around. I gave up and went and bought non-stinky wheels.
(man, I thought this was going to be all about condoms).

My condom has no nose.

How does it smell?