When will we start taking care of the kids that are already born?

There is an article in today’s Post and Courier that details how certain lawmakers in South Carolina are proposing more rights for fetuses, and require a death certificate for any child stillborn or aborted.


Ok. I can see where people may find this handy, as far as claiming their unborn child as a dependant. That makes sense to me, because I understand the fact that being pregnant is not cheap, even when you have good insurance.

When the hell are people going to start realizing that there are PLENTY of children in foster homes, and in orphanages that need to be taken care of before someone forms a commission like this? This state is seriously in debt as it is, and I don’t see how building a damn statue is going to increase the quality of life in this state.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a nation that was built partially on the ideal of freedom of religion? And what does Christianity have to do with this issue? I don’t see other religions promoting abortion. Nor are most members of the other religions I’ve encountered uncivilized people.

I know that it says that the statue will be paid for by private money, but I don’t want that thing on the Statehouse Grounds. My tax dollars pay for that, too, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for the upkeep of something like that.

Thank God.
And thank God I’m moving out of this state.

Christ. And I thought you were talking about Roe being repealed due to congressional bills and the President.

THis is almost worse!


Legislation by glurge.

I think they should make the statue a giant 3 month old fetus, and they should put a pump in that will keep it moist and covered in red liquid.

Fuck this romantic shit.

What the hell?

There were other things I wanted to say before I hit ‘submit’, but I had an issue at home to take care of.

I am so glad that this thing is stuck in commitees. I will hope and pray that it never makes it past them. I mean, think of it. Imagine if for some reason (medical, personal), you had an abortion, and you worked at the Statehouse. Would you like to be reminded of that on a daily basis? Would you like to be further reminded of “what could have been”? (As if you wouldn’t think of it on a daily basis anyways?)

For the record, I am pro-choice. And I know several women who have had abortions. And I’ll put it on the table right here and now. I’ve had an abortion. I don’t need to be reminded of what “could have been” on a daily basis BECAUSE I THINK ABOUT IT ON A DAILY BASIS. And it’s been ten fucking years since, and it’s not something that just slips your mind, trust me.

Yes, I’ve also known a few girls who used abortion like some people use condoms. I may be pro-choice, but there’s got to be some sort of mechanism missing in their brains. Maybe they have no conscience. I don’t know. But A DAMN STATUE IS NOT GOING TO STOP THEM FROM FUCKING SOMEONE AND DECIDING TO HAVE AN ABORTION!

I’m sorry. There’s no perfect answer to the abortion issue. I would never attempt to push my beliefs on someone else. That’s why I’m pro-choice. If you don’t believe in abortion, good for you. Don’t have one. I don’t care. But I will say this: ten years ago, I screwed up; I screwed up really bad. I ended up paying for that decision tenfold over the past 10 years. And a freaking statue is not going to change my opinon on jack shit, and I bet you it’s not going to do much for other people, either.


I have to say that your post cheared my heart. I am male, so I honestly don’t feel I have the necessary knowledge (or ever will) to decide the “moral” implications behind abortion.

As a father, I could never let my unborn baby be aborted. As a mother, the choice could only be more difficult. However, I also understand that there are many instances where an abortion is the only choice. A life is going to be ruined.

I respect the decision you made, and I respect your feelings about it. You have stirred in me an argument I have been trying to defend for a long time. However, there are times when that argument loses steam because there are times when I forget about people like you.

I want to build a giant coat hanger right next to the Fetus Memorial…

Oooh yuck!

I’m totally about birth certificates and/or death certificates for still born babies. When your wanted child dies before birth, having any form of public acknowledgment really really helps. It helps a hurting heart to have a garden of remembrance or a statue or anything which is about the lost children. But there’s a shitload of difference between an aborted pregancy and a stillbirth. Dumbasses.

But it’s disgusting to link terminated pregnancies to still born babies. Beyond cruel to require a death certificate. At what stage of pregnancy do they propose to enact this barbarity?

I’ve had a termination, several miscarriages and a full term still birth. I’m disgusted by this proposed legislation. Feh.

Oooh! Can we get Claes Oldenburg?

They’ll probably put it right next to the Confederate Flag :rolleyes:

I’ve got to get out of this state.

Ha! I hadn’t read this far yet when I posted.

Fuck’n A! But make it life size,make’em get their magnifying glasses out. None of this size of an eight month old-scale poster imagery. BTW,Alabama’s feeling a bit left out.

Reminds me of what someone (can’t remember who, so forgive me for the lack of attribution) said during the Reagan years, when the abortion foes in the administration started agitating to overturn Roe v. Wade: “This administration’s deep concern for human life begins at conception, and ends at birth.”

Ah, South Carolina. The only place I’ve gone on vacation with the woman who would eventually become my wife and the hotel staff refused to let us have anything but two single beds until we picked up our bags and started to walk out.

if you were curious: Claes Oldenburg

I was so glad to see he’s still around. The world needs more giant office supplies and sewing notions.


The bill suggests a 6-foot statue of an “unborn child” on a highly visible area of the Statehouse grounds, but Davenport said the idea could take any form, perhaps two children with the words “What Might Have Been.”

This is not only fucking stupid but it’s cruel. And what the hell is an “unborn child”? Casper?