When you care enough to send the very best... send poop!


Man, do I have a couple of people I’d like to send a package to! I wonder if it’s as anonymous as they say it is?

[Divine in Pink Flamingos] Oh my god, someone has sent me a bowel movement! [/DIPF]

Many’s the time after a bad phone call I’ve fantasized about sending a customer a box full of cat shit. A few times I’ve even written out their address. Haven’t actually gone through with it. Yet.

They appear to be located in Pennsylvania. A motivated enough lawyer could get them to give up the name of someone who sent someone else a box of shit. Obviously there are ways to hide yourself. It would be a bad idea to use your personal credit card for this service.

My dad used to raise his pinky and say, ‘For when you don’t care enough to send the very best.’

Is mailing poop throught he US postal service even legal?

demented evil grin

I searched their website and I’m sure it has to be legal - if properly marked and packaged - but probably only for legitimate scientific analysis. I’ve sent blood, both of unknown composition and known to contain HIV, through other carriers to laboratories. However, I kind of doubt these boxes have poop in them that is properly contained in lab specimen containers, bagged up, and with “biological agents” stickers slapped on the outside of the package.

The USPS does list a $100,000 fine for mailing hazardous materials - I’m assuming in a non-contained and/or hostile fashion - so these guys might want to rethink their business plan.