vs. USPS and Sec. 1461.

So this just popped up on The Smoking Gun today. It appears that a West Virginia couple were arrested for mailing videos with (as the website would suggest) girls pooping via the United States Postal Service. According to TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 71 > Sec. 1461 which states:

Frankly, I don’t EVER want to see the video, but should we have laws that prohibit this type of material and enforce this?

It would seem to me that according to this code that a lot of other items, such as Playboy for it’s nudie pics or Cosmopolitan for its sex quizes could be construed under this same code.

God damn we are a prude country.

Who comes up with this shit?

In my humble opinion, American’s need to seriously re-evaluate their values. Why is there such an aversion to different aspects of sexuality when violence is whole-heartedly embraced?

I realize the last sentence of my last post may have been a bit cryptic.

My wonderment stems from the observation that American’s seem hung up on sexuality, while on the other hand embracing violence. The problem here is that, in my opinion, any aspect of sexuality explored between two consenting adults is healthy, while violence in almost any form is dangerous.

Thank heaven for United Porn Service and FedXXX!

But seriously… Yes, this has been around forever and laws on using the US taxpayer-supported infrastructure(i.e. USPS) to deliver this type of stuff aren’t going to go away any time soon. Try to remember that several postal employees handle each letter/package between the time it leaves the sender and the time it gets to your door. A “hostile workplace” suit or two and these laws begin to earn their keep. Ever wonder why every single porn shop promises “discreet packaging”? It’s not to cover your ass, it’s to cover theirs.


I’ve wondered this ever since I was a child. Given the choice of behaviors I would rather have my children engaging in I would rather that they be engaging in sexual behavior than violent behavior.

Didnt you read the OP? Its the little girls doing it! :smiley:

Another exercise in Intellegence being blatantly failed. The Post office doesnt want this shit or videos of this shit in their system. Go fed-x or UPS or the internet. If these people are too dumb to get around this simple test, they dont deserve to be in the porn business. And its a good thing too. anyone getting excited watching this shit is sick. Why dont they watch a good toe sucking video like normal perverts?!

I can (and so has SCOTUS) justify a ban on child porn, as in order to have “real” child porn, you have to have had a child abused somewhere along the line. Thus, “no child porn= less child sexual abuse”. Thus, they can 'wipe their ass with the 1st Admendment" for this crime as it protect the innocent.

But “scat sex” is not illegal (well, maybe in some places), and thus why any ban on making/selling/distributing it?

This, along with various “blue laws” are such silly shit.

However NO LINKS to this stuff, OK? :smiley: Eeeeew.

“Who comes up with this shit?”

“It’s not to cover your ass, it’s to cover theirs.”

Sorry, but the couple being charged here are wasting their time and that of the Postal Service promoting this crap. I’m sorry if it cramps their style, but they need to be thrown in the can and ponder their sins for awhile before being discharged back into society. I’m not a party-pooper, but I think they deserve to be in deep doo-doo.

“In my humble opinion, American’s (sic) need to seriously re-evaluate their values. Why is there such an aversion to different aspects of sexuality when violence is whole-heartedly embraced?”

There always seems to be some Canadian itching to take a dump on us. We oughta kick your ass. :mad:

I really wish that obscenity laws would be scrapped completely. I find this stuff just as repulsive as everyone else, but I don’t see why we need to go after the people who are into it as long as there aren’t any minors or unconsenting people involved. (Justices Douglas and Black agreed with me, although they were the minority).

Being a postal inspector must be an awful job.

I caa-caan’t believe you’d stool to such bad puns.

I think obscenity laws should be done away with. Putting the “girlspooping” people behind bars serves no usefull purpose.

There always seem to be some American who violently reacts to any criticism of his country. :rolleyes:

You all realize, of course, that the couple wouldn’t have gotten in such trouble if they’d avoided the Postal Service and utilized the logical carrier to transport their filth?

We had laws regarding the transport of obscene material via the USPS since before the concept of a hostile work environment existed as a basis for a lawsuit.


And as for you, Mr. Blalron, stop being so overly anal-retentive and jumping to conclusions (methinks that’s a risky combination).

I am not speaking as an American, but as an outraged former West Virginian. The actions of these vile people have once again defamed my state and reinforced ugly stereotypes (there are still people who think that the West Virginia legislature meets in an oversized outhouse).

Stop obsessing over the rectitude of video-crapping. You all disgust me.
I’m going to cleanse my mind and soul by listening to a few Chuck Berry records.

By the way, the Postal Service should be grateful if this is the worst it gets exposed to. I once heard a story about a physician who mailed a 24-hour stool sample to a laboratory (this was, and I suppose still is an appropriate test for detecting lipid malabsorption). The package, um, burst in transport. And let me tell you, there was hell to pay.

Absolutely my FAVOURITE excerpt:



Taxpayer supported? Isn’t the USPS a fully self-sustaining corporation now?

They aren’t opening the packages and watching the videos inside, are they? They have no reason to even know what’s on the tape.

Do you not think I have a valid concern, Jackmannii?

Despite the name “”, all the females in the material they’ve mailed are (supposedly) legal adults.