vs. USPS and Sec. 1461.

I rectum he was caught up in the moment of fecal and ass puns, bo989.

[sub]I’m killing myself trying to fit ‘soluble fiber’ into a pun, though…[/sub]

Oh good lord. You should read their FAQ!!!

That’s some funny shit!


Well yes, I most certainly do, bo989.

In these troubled times we must all turn to that which profoundly affects us, and I do not respect you any the less for your deeply-seated preoccupation.

I might suggest, though, that you take a little time out to purchase a nice set of brown earmuffs, the better to protect your ears from high-pitched whooshing sounds.

This is the part I don’t understand. Isn’t Playboy clearly obscene and openly being mailed?

As you can see I’m relatively new to the SDMB. What exactly does whooshing mean guys?


I wanna kiss her, butt – she won’t let me.
I wanna whisper sweet nothin’s in her rear.
I wanna hold her behind … closed doors, and more.
I wanna kiss her, butt … she won’t let me!

'Cause she was just a girl who stole men’s hearts, then rectum.

This country needs an enema!

Forget UPS; they should have sent the tapes on the Cleveland Steamer.

Jackmannii, this thread, of all threads, seems a singularly inappropriate place to speak of “wooshing.”

Onomatopoeia all over everything if you’re not careful.

Since no one else seems to want to say it, I will be the jackdaw fool who posits that I would rather see my kids punching the next door neighbor than eating feces. I am a live-and-let-live kind of guy, but when people degenerate to a point that eating and playing with feces is a basis for sexual fulfillment, then something needs to be done. I don’t think this is setting the standards bar too high.

I was “pulling your leg”, bo989. The “whoosh” refers to the subsonic rushing sound made as my remarks went flying over your head. I do not really wish to “kick your ass”; it was just an irresistable impulse in response to that comment about Americans and their embracing of violence.

I am sorry if you felt you were made the “butt” of untimely humor.

Welcome to the boards, and I hope you will feel free to visit Detroit at any time. :cool:

Nope. “obscene”, in the US legal context, is a legal term subject to criteria set forth by SCotUS, and Playboy apparently passes. Except for the pictorials being fully nude and actual 4-letter words being used in the articles and cartoons, it’s barely as “naughty” as Maxim. Heck, the nekkid gals are just that, nekkid, no unusual goings-on portrayed (OK, so it IS unusual to be buck naked on a ski lift, but you know what I mean).

Well Penthouse is mailed too, and that’s pretty much just hardcore porn.

I have no problem with the USPS outlawing obscene material from being sent through it’s mails. Heck, I don’t even have a problem with the numerous States and the Federal government that outlaw obscenity. There are some forms of speech that have absolutely no value. SCOTUS has repeatedly upheld the right of the government to restrict speech that is obscene.

All that being said, I haven’t seen the items in question, I have absolutely no wish to do so, and I wish I had never heard of this thread, however, from what has been posted in this thread, It sounds like these things may or may not be obscene. I’ll leave that determination to somebody else.

Even between consenting adults? Now, where did I leave my riding crop…

Since I actually laughed at this comment, does that make me a perv?

I find that obscene, that you wouldn’t have a problem with banning this “free speech”. Apparently it has over $70,000.00 in value since they’ve sold over that much in tapes on this one premise. I don’t have to like it, that doesn’t mean that I (or anyone) should prohibit things that are between consenting adults and also, in the privacy of their homes. Unless, of course the package containing the video tape just accidentally fell out of a postal carrier’s bag and right into a vcr or dvd player and that that sort of thing happened so often that it became problematic.

Wow, washing your hands and leaving your opinion to be decided by the federal government or the USPS or the other persons in the thread? Well, cover me in piss, call me Christ and stick me in a museum in New York.

Canada has more restrictive Porn laws that the USA does. Dudes who live in glass houses…:stuck_out_tongue:

As you’ve amply proven by offering your opinion here.