when you feel about 6" tall?

This is similar to the “most embarrassing moments” buts its things you did that hurt an innocent bystander’s feelings accidentally.

like asking “how they hanging?” to a guy that was castrated but you didn’t know it.
or “what’s eating you?” to a guy with cancer.

Here is one I will never forget:
a coworker found out I was going to a dr for TMJ (a jaw problem) and she had just had surgery to repair her jaw. I was considering the same surgery. Her face was swollen and out of balance (one side was bigger than the other). well as time went by I kept mentioning how it looked better but still was off. well after a year I mentioned it to someone else who said “no her face was disfigured like that before the surgery”. well I didnt bring that up again! I always wondered how she took my constant questions without saying “look stupid thats just the way my face is”

You worked with Shannon Dougherty?

Sheesh, I just had this happen last week.

I was back in my hometown, visiting a friend who is married with two kids, one of whom is a six year-old who was the ring bearer in my wedding. Anyway, his mom is taking him up to bed when he says to me “I’ll see ya next week - we’re going to St. Louis,” which is where I live now, and is also his grandparents’ hometown. I say “Oh, are you coming down to see your Grandpa and Grandma?”

He replies immediately and straight-faced, “Not Grandpa, he died last month. Just Grandma.” And off to bed he went. But I could tell that his mom was about to lose it, and she ended up crashing early too, with muffled sobs coming from the bedroom.

I had been away on business when the Grandfather died and didn’t know a thing about it. I apologized a million times to my friend and his wife that day and the next, and while they were understanding, I just felt terrible.