When your life becomes a tv show

I knew a real life character in Australian TV show Underbelly 2. I didn’t watch the episodes she appeared in.

Have any dopers had their life (or someone they knew well) appear in a TV show? Do you feel you were fairly portrayed?

One of my friends had her family member be the subject of Queer Eye, but she appeared briefly only in a background scene so it wasn’t that exciting for me, but her comments about it were interesting, such as that he basically gained back all the weight he was helped lose on the show.

My exboyfriend had his family member(s) as one of the teams on one of those Trading Spaces type shows, and he did appear predominantly in one scene helping construct something. It was a very odd experience for me to say the least. He didn’t appreciate it when I told him I was laughing out loud hysterically during his entire appearance, although I didn’t mean that I was laughing at him; merely the absurdity of seeing him as a character on a tv show.