When your name is Johnson...

…you probably shouldn’t do stuff like this: Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off building, but survives

They were able to save Johnson but not johnson.

You can call him Ray.

I saw that on CNN this morning. I can’t imagine what mental illness would cause him to do this to himself.

It’s pitiful how many people are going to make him into a joke or punch line instead of having compassion for someone who is so clearly mentally ill.

I think this is a bad idea for anybody, regardless of your name.

Wu-Tang Ain’t got Nothin’ To Fuck With

…but ya doesn’t have to call me Johnson.

… when shorty will do. :eek:

I could never understand why anyone would be calling me johnson, especially after curfew.

Andre Johnson ne Christ Bearer was rushed to the hospital along with his detachable penis for medical treatment.
Link here but right now there are not many more details than what is in the title.
I can’t wait to hear more details about this. Like WHY??? :confused:

When your name is Johnson…

. . . you come from Wisconsin. An amazing number of Johnson’s in every Wisconsin telephone book.

It could be worse, your Johnson could be Randy, and 7 feet long.

Headline: Johnson & No Johnson

There is already a thread:

When your name is Johnson…

Well they’ll never call him Andre the Giant now.

It’s common enough amongst psychotic patients to get its own name (Klingsor syndrome, which I remember because when I first heard of it, I misheard the name and thought it was named after the cross-dressing MASH character!).

But yea, I won’t begrudge people the Johnson jokes, but spare a thought for the kind of terror one must be in to be driven to mutilating yourself like that (to say nothing of hopping out a window).

He can take up a new profession now as a private investigator.

Dickless Tracy.

I certainly feel horribly for him, while at the same time not denying the pitch-black absurd humor in the whole situation. He has a history of erratic behavior, but I’m kind of waiting to hear that this particular episode had something to do with drugs.

He was born Christ Bearer but changed his name to Andre Johnson?

Saw this story yesterday on CNN. My instant reaction was that I could almost hear the
thread burning rubber, preparing to take off.

I think xizor used “ne” when he meant “a/k/a.”

“Christ Bearer,” incidentally, is just an English translation of Christopher.