Whence the idea that Thomas Paine espoused an "occult philosophy"?

From a page on the 2008 graffiti-vandalization of the Georgia Guidestones, from conspiracy-crazy Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website:

OK, he’s crazy. But, still, I cannot think of a less plausible figure to connect with “occult philosophy” than Thomas Paine, who was a Deist and rationalist and freethinker. Where did that meme come from?! Is it Jones’ own, or did he pick it up from someone else?

It is not uncommon, many christian sects consider any belief in any supernatural action or entity which is not attributed to their god(s) as “occult”.

But, Paine just barely believed in " any supernatural action or entity" at all. Perhaps none at all.

For some people that’s enough. If you’re not a Christian, you’re an anti-Christian. Subtle distinctions like the difference between being an atheist or a Satanist or a Deist or a pagan or a Buddhist are dismissed as unimportant.

He was a Freemason though, that is enough for some people I guess.

But really if you are the author of a book that is meant to disprove the bible believers will call you lots of names.

I should clarify, it is not known if Thomas Pain was a mason or not but it has been claimed that he was.

Well, Freemasons are required to believe in God, AFAIK; but I suppose a Deist would have been acceptable.

Nothing on the Alex Jones page linked in the OP, BTW, gives any clue as to the content of Paine’s occult philosophy. Does anybody have any idea what he’s talking about?

This is the correct answer.

An excellent book was just written on the subject. Not about Paine, mind you, but about this tendency to lump together all non-Christian religious traditions and calling them “the occult”, ignoring the enormous differences between them.