Whenever I see/hear ______ I can't help but think _____

James Gandolfini – Henry Gondorff (Newman’s character in The Sting) or else Gandalf in LotR

Patrick Swayze – John Cameron Swayze (the Timex dude)

Barry Bonds – James Bond

Hedy Lamarr – Harvey Korman

Jerry Lewis – Jerry Lee Lewis

Monica Lewinsky – Corbett Monica (comedian who opened for Sinatra)

Yogi Berra – Fred Flintstone

Aretha Franklin – urethra

So, fred flintstone instead of yogi bear? Hmmm… My only celebrity example would have to be Phillip Michael Thomas – Phillip Seymour Hoffman (I apologize to Mr Hoffman if he is reading this thread).

Also, any time I taste coconut it makes me think of the dentist. I don’t think that is what you were looking for though.

Yeah. This is one of those that skips a step. Maybe it’s because Yog looks more like Fred than the bear or maybe it’s just that Yogi Bear never appealed to me all that much. Not that Flintstone did either.

Speaking of actors with three names. There’s a football player in Alabama named John Parker Wilson and folks at the rival school are busy coming up with all sorts of replacement names for him. My favorite is Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson. That can’t be flattering.

Then there’s that Spiderman guy, Peter Jessica Parker.

When I hear Karl Rove’s name, I think of “slithy tove.”

OMG!! :eek: Me too!!

Any time I meet someone named Peter (not “pete”) especially when people pronounce it a certain way (it’s hard to explain just what way… sort of like a small child with no speech impediments. Every sound extremely clear, rather than “peeder” or “peetah” and sort of slowly.) I think of Shirley Temple in Heidi saying, “goat-peter!”