Where are the "Taliban defectors"?

Since about Tuesday I keep reading on the MSNBC program that there are increasing numbers of defections from the Taliban. I’m just curious as to where do they go? How did we get this information? Are they arriving at the borders proclaiming to be defectors? If that’s true, wouldn’t it be great propaganda for the West to have them on TV stating why they left? I would imagine if several of these defectors were on TV speaking in their own words and criticising Osama that it just might open some other Muslim’s eyes. Perhaps this would help ease the efforts to persuade other Muslims that this is war against terrorism and not Muslims themselves.

I’m quite sure the military have them detained somewhere if they were brave enough to give up but I just haven’t heard anything. I woudl think we would publicly use this information to our benefit.

Any other guesses?

  1. Classified info.?
  2. Defectors’ lives are in jeopardy.