Where are the WKRP staff now?

Just hearing Johnny Fever’s name made me laugh again… But where are they now?

The only cast member I see regularly is Gordon Jump (Mr. Carlson), who is now the Maytag Repair Man (having taken over years ago for the late Jesse White).

In a related question, does anyone know if there really IS a WKRP out there somewhere in the country?

WKRP in Cincinnati

Gary Sandy … Andy Travis
Insider, The (1999) … Lawyer
Against the Law (1997) … Chief Leitner

Gordon Jump … Arthur Carlson (“Big Guy”)
Bad Lie (1998) … Will
Bitter Vengeance (1994) (TV)

Loni Anderson … Jennifer Marlowe
Everyone knew that, right?
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998) … Medusa
Night at the Roxbury, A (1998) … Mrs. Butabi

Richard Sanders … Les Nessman
Lover’s Lane (1999)
Black Circle Boys (1997) … Mr Dukel

Tim Reid … Gordon Sims (Venus Flytrap)
Alley Cats Strike (2000) (TV)
“Linc’s” (1998) TV Series … Priest

Frank Bonner (I) … Herb Tarlek
Motel (1998)
Best of Ed’s Night Party, The (1996) (V)

Jan Smithers … Bailey Quarters
Mr. Nice Guy (1987) … Lise
Love Tapes, The (1980) (TV) … Carol

Howard Hesseman … Johnny Caravella (Doctor Johnny Fever)
Sky Is Falling, The (1999) … Yogi Cook
On the 2nd Day of Christmas (1997) (TV) … David

Carol Bruce … Lillian “Mama” Carlson (1979-1982)
Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists, The (1996) (V) (voice) … Old One
Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) … Joy

Ian Wolfe … Hirsch (1980-81)
Dick Tracy (1990) … Forger
Checking Out (1989) … Mr. D’Amato

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Thank you, Kat, and that site will save bloodshed and wild arguements around here!

Every now and then a sit-com will have a near perfect mix/match of people and that group came pretty close.

According to the Federal Communication Commission’s Call Sign Query page, the only station currently using any variation of the “WKRP” call is WKRP-LP, a low-power TV station assigned to channel 42 in Washington, DC.

The current FCC rules allow for there to also be an AM or FM station using the call sign “WKRP” or “WKRP-FM”, but they would first have to get permission from the owners of WKRP-LP to use the common call sign.

Jan Smithers (Bailey) married James Brolin, and dropped out of the movie and TV world.

Tim Reid had a pretty successful TV run immediately after WKRP went off the air.

Gary Sandy was recently in town on a touring musical troupe.

Tim Reid is the producer of “Linc’s”.

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Tim Reid is also the producer of “Linc’s.” He does play a bit part.

He was also “Downtown Brown” on “Simon & Simon”.

And as far as “Where were they before. . . .”

(Not that anyone’s asking)

Frank Bonner was in a looow-budget Lovercraftian horror movie called “The Beast” or “Equinox,” depending upon which copy you see.

I think Ed Begley, jr was also in it.

Isn’t Tim Reid also the father on “Sister, Sister”?

WKRP was inspired by real-life Cincinnati station WKRC. I think they even had someone named Art Carlson as the GM at one time.

Tim Reid seemed to hit the Venus Flytrap part just perfectly. He was Venus without being a parody of Venus?

He was also “Downtown Brown” on “Simon & Simon”. I love the show, it runs around supper time, he was good in that part, too.

Oh, I’m gonna keep using these #%@&* codes 'til I get 'em right.

Although this is a bit off topic, I worked in radio for eleven years as a morning jock and programmer (I’m a college prof now). It was an unwritten law in the business that you had to be able to perform large sections of WKRP dialogue. It was a lot of fun when three or four jocks would sit around and go through their favorite shows.

My favorite line came from Les who said “I call it eyewitness weather because I put my head outside the window and witness the weather”. Every jock who didn’t get their AP weather on time has done just that.

Another great discussion was listing the things that were done at WKRP that never happened at true radio stations:

  1. Announcing on air without headphones
  2. Just dropping a needle onto an LP and it plays perfectly. (you have to cue the sound to the needle to get it that tight)
  3. General managers being nice guys. :wink:

Trivia question: What are the words to the
show-ending music that played over the final credits?

There are three kinds of people: Those who can count and those who can’t.

I actually worked at a station (in Indiana) where the announcers didn’t use headphones. It was beautiful music, not rock, so we didn’t have to worry about talking over the record intros. The idea was that we were supposed to use the studio monitors, but keep them down low enough so that there was no feedback. I never really mastered it, but the old-timers there swore by it.

Thank you Kat. On one of those pages, http://us.imdb.com/Quotes?%22WKRP+in+Cincinnati%22+(1978), it attributes the line “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” to Arthur Carlson. A slight misquote of that line is used by somebody here as their signoff. However, I thought Herb Tarlek said that as an explanation after he dropped turkeys out of a helicopter as part of a Thanksgiving Day promotion while Les reported the panic and carnage on the ground. Does my memory fail me?

OK, I know the story behind the closing music involoved a demo tape with intentionally garbeled lyrics that the producers liked so much, they used as is, but…

These are the lyrics as noted by another netizen:

(Guitar intro)
(very garbled sounding)
"Went to the bartender
Friday night ah-yeah
(something something)
rockin out here in my heart.

Said I told the bartender
rockin’ night ah-yeah
(something something)
rocking out in my heart.

(Guitar outtro)

BTW, I’ve done a weekly, local radio show for the last fourteen years and I’m still amazed by the yahoos here who won’t wear headphones. Of course the 'KRP clan demonstrated that they didn’t have to wear the 'phones - perfect levels and segues every time! Not so with the folks here. At least your old-timers had an alternative, but these morons have no clue.

OK. I’m done.

Yep, you’ve been failed.

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” is the final line from that episode. After Herb and Mr. Carlson stagger into Carlson’s office, the Big Guy pokes his head back out and utters what is probably the most memorable line from any sitcom ever.

Intentionally nonsensical, they wanted to leave the fans guessing.

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