Where are those anti-troll mines when you need 'em?

GQ–it’s baaaaaa-aaaaaack.

Hello? What or who is back, sugar? I see this sad, lonely post… give me a BIT more information and maybe I can respond… I just don’t get around like I used to…


what about its back? Does it have a new tattoo are something? why do we have to look at its back?

“People must think it must be fun to be a super genuis,
But they don’t realize how hard it is
to put up with all the idiots in the world.”
– Calvin and Hobbes

Yeah, CowGod… I’ve almost always found the front more interesting… perhaps that is just me… you know, that front end of the deal, the plan… the man… oh, wait, I’m drifting… WHAT were we talking about? :wink:


I had no idea Gentlemen’s Quarterly had ever been cancled. I’m glad it’s back in a neatral way, since I’m a big ol’ Maxim fan.

And where are those troll sniper rifles I ordered? Damn Acme!!!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.