Where are we going?

Jesus talks about that pretty extensively: Those who love life shall lose it, but those who lose their life for me shall find it.

OLDER BROTHER: Yes means no and no means yes. Do you want me to hit you?

Not sure if you are talking about Christian faith, but if you are:
I wouldn’t say greed, it is faith in a promise made by God to His people. If God Himself, creator of everything, the one who knew you before you were born, and how many hairs are on your head, promises something, should you not expect it? What if God also gave you a deposit on that promise as well, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit?

Expectation of a gift doesn’t preclude greed in its anticipation.

When we die, we die. There’s no evidence of anything else. As for what the secular community believes, that depends on who you ask and how you define secular. I’ve heard it used to mean everything from just atheists, to anybody who isn’t a priest.

Only if you are a vampire, and live by taking the lives of others. Otherwise, no. And vampires are kind of scarce.

That’s pretty pointless. The people who actually like being alive don’t get any more, but the ones who just endure life for the sake of grovelling before a sky god get more of what they don’t care about.

You’ve lost me. What is the “indwelling of the Holy Spirit” and how does it constitute a “deposit”? And does everybody have it, or only the saved/baptized/etc.?

What’s wrong with greed?

Buddhists are supposed to let go of “grasping desires” to reach Enlightenment – but only because they really, really want Enlightenment!

It need not be a zero sum game for excessive or insatiable desire for more to be labeled greed, imho.

Well, imho, I think it does. And even if it doesn’t, I can’t see how that particular variety of “greed” would be a vice, anyway; if something hurts no one and helps you, how is that anything but good ?

If “greed is good” is your philosophy, at least when it comes to quantity of life, then feel free to proclaim it.

If we were talking about having more and more money without impoverishing anyone, would you feel the same way?

That’s logically impossible; money by it’s nature can’t maintain it’s worth if it’s available in limitless amounts. Either you are taking the money from others, or making it, either of which will impoverish others.

A prescient thought. However, if you don’t care to exercise even a modest amount of hypothetical thought we should part here.

For “money,” substitute “wealth.”

I did, and came to the conclusion that it was impossible.

Those are quite different things. I would not consider wanting to increase one’s wealth to be greedy, so long as you didn’t impoverish others in the process. Greed is about selfishness, as opposed to self interest.


It’s been awhile now, but I saw a guy on network news once who was a computer scientist and was a complete secularist. He believed that within about 30 years, the technology would exist allowing us to ‘exist’ after our bodies died through some vague technological mechanism I can’t quite remember at present.

His focus then, was on living the healthiest possible life he could because he was already in his mid-40s, and wanted to make sure he was still alive when these technological changes came about.

Personally I don’t consider it entirely far-fetched that humans could establish some sort of genuine immortality. I think it’s much farther off than thirty years, and I’m not entirely sure the form of said immortality would be so appealing that a sizable majority of the population wouldn’t choose to just die conventionally.

Already covered!

“Don’t just EAT that hamburger, eat the HELL out of it!”

Reminds me of an old story.

A student comes to a master. “Teach me detachment,” he asks.
The master tells the student to sit and meditate. The student sits and meditates for 10 years.
After ten years the student says, “Master, I have now achieved detachment!”
The master strikes the student across the face.
“Master, why did you do that?”
“To detach you from your detachment.”

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the gift of God living inside a person to help that person walk in faith. The Holy Spirit will give the Christian certain gifts as needed to advance God’s plan, such gifts include evangelism, discernment of spirits & prophecy, but the list is much longer.

Only the saved has Him (Holy Spirit), and only the saved can perceive Him. There are 2 baptisms, the one we commonly think of is water, but there is another that of fire, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. These are 2 separate events but could happen very close together. The Holy Spirit is part of the trinity, along with the Father and Son.

The deposit comes from Ephesians: