Where are you going for the holidays?

My wife and I are going to Maine. (Maine… winter… smart move [not!]) How 'bout y’all?

Memphis. To be with my parents for a week.

Bleck. (Fair warning…by about the 29th, y’all may be reading about me killing them…)

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Atlanta for 9 days of family fun before we have to come back and work on New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait to get there, although I would love to go somewhere that stands a remote chance of seeing snow.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I hope it snows so I have something to do - time moves so slowly there.

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Three weeks in Switzerland (with my fiancee).

Visiting the family members.

We’ll try and go skiing too, see the matterhorn, etc…

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I was hoping to see some good ideas here. I have been looking for something to do that didn’t cost $200 per couple for a new year’s eve toast in a plastic cup.

I’ll check back later.

New Mexico, home of my parents. There’ll also be a side trip to Colorado to visit the brother, his wife, and my nephew.

That’s Christmas, anyway. Having just been dumped hard by the girl I wanted to visit for New Year’s, I find myself dateless for the turning of the millenium. Anyone wanna arrange a gathering for we pathetic dateless folk?

I gotta case of Guiness, a case of Bass Ale, a 9 pound prime rib roast and “Animal House” on tape.

I ain’t goin’ nowhere.
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Not much…just sitting on my ass, scratching myself, drinking beer, and eating cookies. All presents this year have been ordered through the internet so I don’t have to move my fat ass :slight_smile:

Whistler, BC and points along the way.

I’m headed out of LA tomorrow afternoon, right after I make an obligatory appearence at the faculty Christmas party. I’ll spend the weekend driving up the coast (Hwy 101 - “The route that’s the best” no matter what Bobby Troop says!) Stops in Port Arenas and Cresent City to check out the waves and some friends, then over the border into Oregon. Unless there’s a hellish storm or shark activity, I’m going to dive on a shipwreck near Tillamook, that I’ve been researching for the last two years. Then up the Olympic Penn. to see my Dad and Stepmom in Port Townsend. Then I’m taking the old man skiing. Back to WA to drop him off and then a straight 19 hour drive down the I5 in time to spend Christmas with the wife!

3,000 miles in 8 days! Stupid? I like to think of it as ambitious.


I just checked the Weather Channel website…it’s 48 degrees and sunny in Bar Harbor right now. You could do a lot worse than Maine.

Where will you be going? I’ve always wanted to spend some time Down East in the off-season; just me and my snowshoes, hanging out with the bears and the bean-eaters.


Phoenix, Arizona, for a week with the 'rents. I’m dreaming of an elderly Christmas.


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