Where can I buy a lunchbox or those brown paper bags

I have decided to bring my own lunch but I can’t find a lunchbox or any of those brown paper bags you are supposed to bring your lunch in. I would’ve assumed Kroger or Walmart sells them but nope. So where does a person go about buying these thigns?

I’m very surprised you’re unable to find one at Wal*Mart. Is there a Target near you? I also saw some at Ross earlier this month.

Try Froogle or Sears.

All the very best lunchboxes can be found here.

I’m really surprised you did not find lunch bags at Kroger’s or Wal*Mart. The two places to look would be on the bottom shelf below the Plastic bags (ZipLoc, Glad-Lock, Hefty, etc.) or on the bottom shelf below paper plates and plastic tableware, near the paper towels and toilet paper.

I checked the plastic bag, tupperware, paper towel isles for the bags and didn’t see any though.

Fear Itself - I was ebaying lunchboxes when I opened that link, but thanks anyway. I wanna get my hands on a Gremlins lunchbox but they’re $200. There are so many 80s animated series & B movie lunchboxes its hard to pick which one to embarass myself with. Knight Rider sounds good, but so does the transformers. However I have my own thermos and its big so I don’t know if a regular lunchbox will work. Unless I don’t put the thermos in the lunchbox of course.

Strange. I’ve always seen the bags in pretty much every grocery store’s paper products area.

Instead of buying disposable paper sacks, why not get a reusable insulated bag? They are made of the same nylon material that backpacks are made of. You can get one big enough to hold your thermos and other heavy stuff. My G-friend has an Eddie Bauer one that her sister bought at Target for her. It even has pockets. My niece has a Strawberry Shortcake one. I believe they are usually found by the camping stuff or where the school backpacks are.

Have you tried LunchBoxes.com?

Every supermarket in my area packs your groceries in small plastic bags, which I re-use to pack my lunch. Works great, and I’m sort-of recycling.

I hate packing my lunch in plastic grocery bags, they are too shapeless and the sandwich gets bent in the curved bottom, then the apple mooshes into the bent sandwich. Paper bags are what God intended, with a flat bottom for flat sandwiches, and the apple stays next to it, where it belongs. * I am not anal retenteive! *

I always make small hoagie-type sandwiches, so that’s not a problem for me,

here’s a great place to get lunchboxes: