where can I buy Arsenic ?

Does anyone know ?

Same place you buy old lace…


It depends on your jurisdiction, but due to its toxic effects, Arsenic and its compunds (strictly speaking, Arsenic is an element thant usually occurs in a variety of compunds) is a regulated substance in many countries. This means you cannot buy it without a special license.

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I’m reluctant to tell people how to get dangerous stuff. If you really are interested, there are plenty of chemical companies, but I think they
ll get suspicious if you end up getting a lot of this stuff.

Read Ira Levin’s “A Kiss Before Dying.”

Sigma-Aldrich sells chunks of Arsenic; $51.90 for 5 gtams.

While I don’t think this thread is a good thing, I’ll leave it open until someone can show me the sale of arsenic to the public in the US is banned.

I know you can’t buy arsenic-treated lumber in the US anymore, but I’d love a cite for the element. I searched and found nothing.

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You can mail-order from practically any chemical supply company servicing your area. Google for “chemical supply company” or use the Open Directory to find a chemical supply company in your area.

Note that forensic science can easily detect what used to be called “inheritance powder”.

I don’t think you’ll find one.
Arsenic is controlled as a hazardous air pollutant:

And OSHA regulates arsenic exposure in the workplace, but “possession of arsenic” and ‘arsenic “illegal substances” site:.gov’ turn up no relevant regulations.

At the Federal level, there is the Hazardous Substances Act, 15 USC Sec. 1261 et seq.. It’s mainly a labelling law, but Sec. 1277 allows the Consumer Product Safety Commission to classify something as a “banned hazardous substance”, and effectively ban it.

Relevant regs seem to be at http://frwebgate1.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/waisgate.cgi?WAISdocID=287466305533+6+0+0&WAISaction=retrieve

I see certain cyanide-containing products listed, but not arsenic. So no outright ban there.

There are separate Federal regulatory schemes primarily concerned with employee safety, materials shipping, air pollution, and water pollution that appear to have have regs restricting arsenic in various ways, but I don’t have the hour or so it would take me to wade through all of them. MY sense is that there’s no absolute ban on arsenic, but that arsenic-containing compounds are heavily restricted.

Disclaimer. I have not fully researched this. This is preliminary general information and not reliable legal advice. I’m not your lawyer, and you’re not my client.

There also might be state or local laws, that by their nature, would vary from place to place.

**Legitimate Uses For Arsenic **I would expect sales to be limited fo licensed manufacturing users.
IIRC Lead shot is no longer made as it was poisonous to wild fowl shot with it and not killed outright.

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As has been posted earlier in this thread, by at least two people, arsenic can be ordered online or via mail (I prefer Sigma-Aldrich, but they are $$$). Many dangerous chemical substances can be legally ordered online in large quantities, such as mercury, cadmium, weakly radioactive substances, and a variety of hideous acids and bases. While it’s possible an individual State may have some restrictions on receipt of these, I cannot find any evidence of a specific instance.

Arsenic as a poison for nefarious purposes is somewhat over-rated.



Michigan requires those who sell arsenic to record their sales:

Didn’t find any statute making it illegal to sell it here.

More on arsenic-treated wood: http://www.origen.net/arsenic.html


In the USA lead shot is not permitted for migratory birds, but still used for rabbits and other game animals, as well as birds such as quail.

The problem is not that birds shot with lead and not killed outright had a problem. OK, they had a problem but not because of the lead shot, but the spent shot would fall into the lakes and the bottom feeding duck and geese would ingest the shot and suffer toxic effects.

Don’t forget those lead fishing sinkers…(the article also has numbers for the amount of lead from shot too).


That’s good to know, for when I need some HTP for my propulsion experiments. :smiley:

Not the US, but since your readership is international, does this, this, or this count?
Basically, sale of such is tightly controlled. And the OP clearly fails Section three:

And he’s got to say why he wants it.