Where can I buy toothpaste for the tongue

There used to be a product called dr Weiders tung gel but I can’t find that anymore. I can get it online for $2.89 but it is $5 for shipping, and I’d rather get it locally if I can. All I can find are tongue scrapers, no tongue toothpaste.

Can a person just use regular toothpaste on the tongue or do you need a different kind of toothpaste for the tongue.

I asked my dental hygenist the same question a while back and she said yes, you can use regular toothpaste.

YDHMV. :slight_smile:

Regular toothpaste works just fine, but if you are prone to getting canker sores, you might want to get one that is formulated for that. Rembrandt makes one, and, I believe, Tom’s of Maine toothpastes don’t contain whatever chemical is implicated in the problem (although you have to watch out, because some of them don’t contain fluoride either.)

I find mouthwash far better. Pour half a cap, and dip the brush in it. I find the foaming of toothpaste triggers the gag reflex.


I have to tell you I’d like to get to know you… You have the most interesting requests. I have never even heard of tongue toothpaste.

Thera Breath makes a toothpaste for your application. I think they even package a tongue scraper with it. Their mouthwash is non-alcoholic and, IMO better than the store brands you see. You can get both at Meijers and Walgreen (for sure) and probably most other large chains.

To answer the second part of your question, yes. The tongue has crevises in it and I find using regular toothpaste to be a waste of time or even detrimental to the cause.

Wouldn’t you be looking for tonguepaste?

I’ve always found that regular toothpaste works fine for me.

It seems to be a contradiction to say toothpaste doesn’t do the job, but tongue toothpaste works. I never dreamed of brushing, scraping or otherwise tormenting my tongue, except after a night of heavy drinking. Where are those cracks and crevices in the tongue? I’ll just stick to my Listerine, thank you. :wink:

What are you guys on? Just brush your tongue while you’re doing your teeth. I’ve never noticed my tongue breaking out in big red pustules afterwards . . .

Tongue scrapers work well.