Where can I find a copy of Army Field Manual FM 101-40 (19 April 1964)?

Or “Armed Forces Doctrine for Chemical and Biological Weapons Employment and. Defense,” without trying to make a Freedom of Information Act request?

It’s rescinded, and no longer classified—and, being on doctrine, it’s not exactly “recipe for Youldieforsurinol is as follows: first, one cup of flour…” type stuff—but I can’t find a copy of it online, or for sale—and the nearest library with a copy is halfway across the country, according to Google.

Can anyone help? This isn’t quite a “Marketplace” board type question, I don’t think, unless someone here’s got a copy for a decent price.

Have you tried to order it through the inter-library loan system?


Many military surplus stores will have old manuals. They probably won’t have their stock online.

You could try checking out to a local gun show. There is generally at least one guy in the crowd that drags these old manuals along with with him. If not there should be someone there can point you in the right direction.