Where can I find an oversized boombox?

I’m looking for an oversized boombox that were used in the 80’s. You know, all silver with the cassette player that you tross over your shoulder… Would anyone happen to know where I may go about finding one of these products, as there were none to be found on eBay nor on a Google search.

Yeah, those things were so cool, and some of them sounded quite good too, with the large speakers they had.

You might check pawnshops, as they have many used items, but that would be a crapshoot at best.

In Boston, on Tremont Street right across from the Common, is a smallish corner electronics store; he has lots of odd imported Asian stuff, including a handful of those shiny big boom boxes.

Judging from seeing that store, my guess is that those things are still made in Asia, but not many people are importing them for sale.

I can’t quite remember the name of that store in Boston, but I could probably find out if you need me to.

You didn’t find it on ebay because you were searching on “boombox”. What you are looking for is a ghetto blaster, my soul brother. Here is another that sold recently on eBay, suitable for pumping up the volume of all your favorite MoTown and soul music favorites, while being lugged around the 'hood on your shoulder. One of 'em took ten D batteries (!!!) and had more knobs and switches than Mission Control. I don’t see any like this for auction right now, but check eBay for ghetto blaster and others will pop up from time to time.

Here are some mega boom boxes


This 1 foot deep by 2 feet long 22 lb unit appears to be the biggest modern “monster” box .




Damn, both of those auctions are in England. There’s one in Canada that I found, but it is much too small.
I found this, though. THE KING! Too much money for a joke though…

Thanks for the crucial info on finding an oversized boombox.