Where can I find Habanero Doritos?

Quite possibly the stupidest new thread in quite some time. This is a question with a factual answer, and could arguably go into General Questions, but really - I can’t bring myself to waste space or time in GQ with something this silly.

So the question is: Where can I buy Fiery Habanero flavor Doritos in the southern New England area? I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to get them, but I do travel a lot, and if I know they’re nearby, then I’ll stop in and get some.

Amazon does not have them, and the Doritos website is no help. So has anyone out there seen them? A store in Attleboro carried them for a while, but they’re gone now.

(It’s hard to believe the last thread I started got into electrical engineering and dark matter. Now I’m trying to track down salty snacks…)

  • OlPeculiar.

I have found that New England has a terrible lack of good junk food flavors. I’m convinced the natives in general have no taste. Munchies, the great cornucopia of junk, has an awesome “fiery hot” version that is particularly hard to locate here; instead we have “cheese,” “classic,” and “original.” CLASSIC AND ORIGINAL, PEOPLE. This is how bad it is. For about three months there were jabanero-flavored cheese nips which were marvelous. Gone.

Remember the Jabanero-Chedder 3Ds? Oh, those were fantastic. The Salsa Doritos were also very good. Cheetos has some great flavors as well. I usually pick up some bags on my trips around the country for work. California is a snack food heaven in this regard, but the elusive fiery-hot cheetos puffs continue to evade my grasp.

A coworker and I finally got fed up with it and called Frito-Lay. They will help you locate your desired snack, and maybe send you some coupons.

Hab Doritos have been discontinued in both the single-serve and take-home sizes.

But they’re bringing back the old Taco Doritos flavor for a Hallowe’en promo, and may or may not keep it around after the holiday.
Og knows they’ll sell better than those Quest chips (the Mountain Dew flavor). What a debacle. The only product I’ve ever seen in my entire life that you couldn’t give away. They were so awful that nobody would take them, not even for free.

Was it Habanero Cheddar 3Ds, or Jalapeño Cheddar 3Ds? I can’t remember the name, but I remember the taste - pretty darned good.

ThistleDew (sorry) - so, you say Habanero Doritos have been discontinued, at least in certain sized packages? What a drag! It makes me wonder, though, as they are still featured on both the Frito Lay website and the Doritos website.

As erislover suggested, perhaps only a phone call will get us to the bottom of this. If I manage to get any more information, I’ll let you know.

  • Matt.

Well, that’s a shame. They were the only one of the new flavors of doritos that I have liked. Actually spicy with a good flavor to boot. So often you get a chip that is all heat an no flavor, or claims to be spicy but doesn’t actually have much heat. Oh well, there’s one less temptation for me at the corner store now.

sob When I saw this thread, I got my hopes up, especially after recently learning of habanero’s awesomeness.

Jalepeno, for sure, it was a weird snack-based mental error on my part. (Note I used jabanero twice in my post! How embarassing.)

The good news is that Frito Lay has a product locator (actually, I think it’s for many PepsiCo products…)


The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be any Habanero Doritos anywhere in New England. But the next time I’m in NYC, I’m stocking up!!!

good find

A thousand pardons, everyone; I misspoke.
(I’d have fessed-up sooner but have had an awful time trying to sign onto the SDMB this morning.)
I was not specific enough in my question to my FritoLay friend. She thought I meant only locally, and they have been discontinued in this district. As ya’ll already know, the Hab Doritos are available in some areas. As pointed out above, the product locator will tell you where.
My bad.

I was just looking for these the other day, thanks for the locator. Turns out they don’t have them at my local grocery stores, but all over the various 7-11s and CVS stores around here.

I tried the habanero Doritos. My mouth loved eating them, but my ass was very angry with me afterward.

Perhaps ClamFlavored Doritos™ would do better in New England? Or Baked BeanFlavored Doritos™ …

Y’know, thanks to you people, I did something I shouldn’t oughtta done. I went for a walk at lunchtime and bought myself a $3.79 bag of Habanero Doritos. My lips are tingling.

From prior experience, I will be vocally cursing you all in roughly 18-20 hours.