Where can I find how much memory Wii Virtual Console games take up?

I want to download some games, but my satellite internet is severely restrictive in the number of megabytes I can download in a day. Starting at 2:00 AM I can download whatever I want as long as it is done by 6:00 AM, but I really don’t want to have to wake up at 2:00 in the morning just to get a download started. My wife wants that even less.

Where can I find out how much memory these games will take up when I download them? I can’t find it anywhere on the Nintendo website.

A Wii “block” is about 128k in size. The game should tell you how many blocks it is before you download it. Multiply that by 128 to get the number of kilobytes for your game. Divide that by 1000 to get the number of megabytes.

I have not been able to find the number of blocks a game is anywhere on either the Wii shopping channel or the website.

Maybe when you try to buy it? If I’m remembering correctly, Guitar Hero downloadable songs say what their size is at the last “buy it or not” screen.

The internal storage of the Wii is only 512 MB, so they’re going to be smaller than that.

Really? The first update I did after I bought it crashed my system. I see from the specs on Wiki that that must be right though. I should be OK with all but the largest programs then.

These games were originally released on older consoles, so you can look at the older cartridge limits.

The maximum size for an N64 cartridge was 64MB. Super Nintendo 4MB, and Nintendo 1MB. It’s possible there’s some additional overhead to do some conversion or compatibility, but the downloads might also be pretty heavily compressed, and either decompressed after downloading, or on the fly while playing. I’d guess that the vast majority of the games come in at around 4MB or less.

If you know that the game was for the NES or SNES, it’s going to be pretty darn small.