Where can I find info on sleight of hand?

As in, close up “magic”.

I’ve tried Google, I am trying to find a website that teaches some tricks.

Well, you can try here for starters.

Though I’d wade through this directory, which seems to offer plenty.

James Bobo wrote a book on close-up magic. Try that.
Check in some used bookstores. There’s bound to be some books on close-up magic tricks from teenage boys who grew out of that phase.

Actually, this site seems to also have some pretty good, PDF-format card magic tricks.

One of the coolest things to learn with sleight-of-hand card magic is the riffle force (at least for a beginner). It’s so mind-numbingly easy, and almost impossible to detect. However, I can’t possibly explain it without either showing it to you or drawing diagrams. I don’t mean for this to sound snotty, but check out your local library. I’m sure Melbourne’s got tons of good magic books at the library. It’s really much, much easier than wading through the Internet and downloading a crapload of PDF files, and it costs just as much.

Thank you.