Where can I find (Nestle's) Smarties in the U.S.?

Preferably, New York.

These are Nestle’s Smarties. They don’t look like our traditional Smarties–they’re more like M&M’s. But in a different packaging. They also taste of chocolate. (But, in my humble opinion, are much yummier than M&Ms.) Anyone know where I can find any here in the states?

Drive up to Canada? FTR, I’ve had them in cookies in the place of chocolate chips and they make M&Ms taste like shellaced advent calndar choccies (gross).

They sell them at my corner cafeteria place (Cafe 28) at the corner of 28th & 5th. Lots of other British import candy bars too.

Any British imports shop, either bricks-and-mortar or online (e.g., the English Tea Store’s Smarties page).

Drive to Canada. (Your location says NY, which I’ll assume is New York, so you’re not that far away.) Those are the only Smarties we’ve ever had up here. Easily obtainable from every corner store, convenience store, drug store; in short, from any place that sells candy.

Thanks for the answers, all. But I think I’m going with Hello Again’s answer, since that’s only about ten minutes away.

$44 for 48 bars. Probably cheaper than coming up to Costco here. :smiley:

Update: they appear to be out of Smarties at the moment. They do have plenty of Flake, Aero, Lion, and Crunchie bars. I know I have bought them there before – I suspect they get a “cadbury assortment” and the Smarties are the first to go. :slight_smile:


If the smarties in Canada (with which I’m familiar) aren’t the same as in the US, what are US smarties like?

U.S. Smarties

They’ve got candy flavors, not chocolate. They’re look a bit like tiny mints. Multi colored, as you can see.

US Smarties are what Canadians call Rockets. Sort of a chalky compressed tablet.


Blech! These candies are chalky and unpleasant!

Actually, I rather like rockets. But they != smarties, that’s for sure. Silly Yanks.

Thank you! So few people whom I meet in real life find U.S. Smarties to be unpleasant. But I do. They’re a haunting reminder of what I’m missing in real Smarties, my own childhood favorite.

We always have Smarties (Canadian ones) at my house. Always.

Ooh, Curly Wurly bars! I might try the Smarties too.

And I think they’re called Refreshers over here. Made by Bassetts.

Tenth one down on the list of products.

Apparently they’re bringing back the Cadbury Wispa. Do you think they’d get those in at Cafe 28, at some point, Hello Again? I’ll have to check. I’ve never had a Wispa, but it does sound good.

Just a question from an expat Canadian. When did Smarties stop being made by Rowntree? I’d never heard of Nestle’s Smarties. Did they buy the company in my absence?

Rowntree Macintosh was bought out by Nestle about 20 years ago. They maintained the “Rowntree” brand for a few years but transitioned to “Nestle” pretty quickly.