Where can I find wide size boys soccer shoes?

Surely I can’t have the only wide-footed kid who wants to play soccer? I have just spent 45 minutes googling every permutation along the lines of “boys soccer shoes wide” I can think of, to no avail. Lots of sites have soccer shoes, lots have wide shoes, but none have wide soccer shoes. I already checked the brick and mortar stores like Stride Rite, Foot Locker, etc.

My five year old played soccer last year in his regular sneaks and will do so this year if he has to, but he wants soccer cleats like the other kids had.

I know there is at least one Doper out there who knows the answer!

Size 16E shoe checking in.

Here’s where I get my shoes - these guys are highly recommended by me.


That’s the page directly to the cleats section - but explore the whole site!

Good luck!

I didn’t see the “five year old” part - sorry - that shop’s smallest size is 7 mens.

Keep that URL handy for when he grows up, though.

We bought my son some new boots yesterday. The store recommended Diadora and Puma.

Of the two I thought Diadora was a better value at his age (mine’s 6 years old). You might have a better chance at actually finding widths by going to a soccer speciality store or looking online.

You might also want to call these guys: Premier Soccer in Raleigh and ask if they carry wider kids sizes.

You are searching for “cleats” and not “shoes” right?

We found our son’s at Nearly Perfect. Despite what the name implies, they’re not seconds.