Where can I get fresh rice.

Not a lead-in to a ‘naughty’ thread. Nor am I seeking opinions on the virtues of rice. A real query, as it were, follows.
On this thread Terminus Est speaks of the glories of fresh rice. So now I, of an inquiring mind, would like to find some. Not supermarket rice, mind you, but rice I can put in the kettle soon after it’s harvested
Do any of the SDMB multitude know where, on the internet or IRL, I can get some? Harvest is late in the year, so we have plenty of time. :slight_smile: C’mon folks, let’s fight some ignorance here. Use your branes.
BTW; I live in Northern California, not far from the rice belt. And I have done the google thing. All I found was this.

You know where Glenn County is?

Ask the Glenn County Farm Bureau?

Ask the Glenn County Coop Extension Service?

I love the Internet. :smiley:

Oh, boy. I hope I didn’t overstate the wonders of fresh rice. Back home, with three growing seasons a year, fresh rice is a given. Vendors actually have a special sign if their rice is old (i.e., was harvested in the previous planting season rather than the current one); old rice is also cheaper. I don’t have a clue where you can get some in northern California.

[After preview.] And now I see that DDG has done her usual Google magic. You might to place your order in now.

Oh no, Terminus Est, no harm done. It’s not your fault. I’m just mildly obsessive about stuff like that. Been living by myself way too long, I suspect. I claim to be self-reliant but actually I’m kinda wierd. :stuck_out_tongue:
Some examples;
I roast my own coffee in a Whirley*Pop, and grind it in a manual grinder.
I bake bread. I nourish a sourdough starter.
I stripped an old stove, and converted the oven into a proofing box.
I make ice cream.
I’m in the process of obtaining the equipment to preserve olives, which I’ll get from a friend’s backyard next harvest.
I live with a cat. My computer is an old iMac. I own a Palm PDA. My backyard is a jungle and I like it that way. I live in Berkeley. :cool:
So this quest of mine is just another new ‘adventure’.
And thanks, Duck Duck Goose, for the links. Nothing directly about fresh rice, but good starting-place. And I do know where Glen County and Sacramento are. Not far.
I’ve set my Palm to remind me to start looking around in September.

You’re welcome.

[moving furtively so as to shield freezer full of Banquet TV dinners from Mangeorge’s view]


So, are you getting a rice polisher, just like Morimoto? :wink: