Where can I get my swine flu vaccine?

I work in the psychology building of a campus with 18% psych majors, a large majority of which are freshmen that live in dorms. I consider myself at a high risk of contraction. We’ve already had several cases on campus and thats just summer camp. When school starts its going to be roaring through campus. I’d rather systemically take a little bit now if it saves me from the big time later.

So where is my vaccine? How do I get one? Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Help! :slight_smile:

There is currently none approved for the US although it is likely to be fast tracked. Given expected shortages your best bet is to be a child or a member of a high risk group to get it.

Wow, a fast-tracked vaccine! I don’t see what could possibly go wrong by skipping so many of those tedious safety tests…

One would hope they’d continue the safety tests in parallel with the manufacturing of the vaccine…

For me, I believe I and my family had the Swine flu about a month ago. Perhaps I’ll have my kids opt out of it.

The CDC and WHO have both reported that most cases of the swine flu were mild, not different than other seasonal flus, and that people who died or required hospitalization had other significant health issues (or were babies/elderly with weak immune systems).
I had the flu in May. It was a miserable experience. My doctor told me that for folks that are otherwise healthy, their treatment for the swine flu wasn’t any different than for other strains of the flu… rest, plenty of liquids, and stay home for 7 days. My doctor had been advised by the state board of health not to bother testing otherwise healthy folks to see which strain it was.

Talk to your family physician. A flu vaccination might be advisable because of the environment you work in. As with most communicable diseases, prevention is the first line of defense. Wash your hands, don’t rub your eyes, and you have a good chance of avoiding it.

How much different could it be from the other flu vaccines they safely make? I assume they aren’t using completely untested techniques for this one.


So it seems like they’d be doing the bare minimum (or less?) to get this out to market ASAP.

Also in the link:

So WarmNPrickly nails the logic down. Its a very similar product made exactly the same way as previous A/H1N1 influenza vaccines. The risk of something significantly different showing up in this particular version that has not shown up in multiple other versions is infintesimal. The risk associated with getting the vaccine out too late to do much good is much more substantial.